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Happy Tuesday!  Since it is Tuesday I am sharing some photos with Bleubeard, Elizabeth and the Tea Gang over on Altered Book Lover’s site.

This post should come with a CONTENT WARNING as I am about to show you my overgrown garden and some people may find it shocking LOL

But first let’s ease into it with a gentle ICAD for today…

This is Day 15/61 and today’s colour is Red Violet which in my set is made up of two pigments, PR122 and PB29.  It is the most beautiful colour so I didn’t want to cover all of it up with collage so I just had a mini collage of stuff from my stash – book paper, cat food box, and this hummingbird die cut that was surplus, and a bit of found poetry.

If you were interested in more ICADS, the Days 1-9 post is here, and here is a look at Days 12-14 which was another catch-up photo. Yes there are some days missing in that sentence but that’s because I will be doing a post for days 10-18 on Day 18, but I just happened to have the Day 12-14 photo handy so I thought I’d share 🙂

If you remember my post from last week, with the large box of decaf tea, I discovered something about that box yesterday as it is now empty of teabags. I had taken it upstairs to think about what I could use it for and I just happened to be working on the ICADs and guess what…

The box is the perfect size to store them! I’m not sure how many it will hold, that really depends how bulky I make them (some of them have quite a few layers) but I do have no shortage of these boxes due to drinking all the tea all the time lol so I’m sure I will have enough boxes for 61 cards. I will even decorate it at some later stage.  Need to have a think about that first.

So about the garden . . .

I have not been out in it this year due to various health problems etc, except for last Saturday when I rescued a Jackdaw from the neighbour’s cat! When I ventured down to the bottom of the garden, this is what I saw… (this can’t be unseen lol)

We have been having some nice weather, actual sunshine, and great growing weather so nettles had completely taken over and were shoulder height!!! [icon name=”surprise” style=”regular” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  I couldn’t do anything about it at the time because I was in the middle of trying to catch a bird, so today I spent five hours out there hacking through these beasts.  Even with gloves on, my hands are covered in nettle stings, they were quite vicious.  Afterwards it looked slightly better though a lot of work still needs to be done there but it started raining and it will have to wait.

That’s the part of the garden I rarely visit, but in another part of the garden, the peonies are in full bloom!

There are lots of strawberries growing but only three were ready to pick, so it was a poor strawberry harvest today lol

But it was an excellent rhubarb harvest!  I’ve already cooked and eaten some tonight as I really love rhubarb!  It makes delicious jam too.

After all that work in the garden, I came in and had breakfast (in the afternoon) and added my three strawberries on top of the frozen berries and granola.  I washed it down with a cup of tea and a glass of ginger beer.  When I was out in the garden I drank a litre of water, it was thirsty work, so I discovered I needed a few more fluids to feel normal again.

I picked some of the peonies to put in a vase.  I don’t usually pick them but what happens is that it will suddenly get very windy and wet and they will get battered by the elements and I won’t get to enjoy them in situ so this year I picked a couple so I can enjoy them inside, just in case.  Heavy rain is already forecast for tomorrow!  The other flowers are purple chive flowers, the orange at the back is actually a weed but it’s a pretty weed, and the acid yellow flowers are Lady Mantle which is a prolific pest that spreads everywhere, more than I could ever want or use.  It originated from my neighbour’s garden but decided it likes mine better.  It can be a useful plant for medicinal purposes, teas, tinctures etc, but there’s just so much of it!  There’s a stately home nearby, that has a garden open to the public and they had planted masses of Lady Mantle alternated with Cat Mint and the acid yellow and the blueish purple were stunning together.  I took photos, if I can find them I will post them sometime.

Hope you enjoyed the journey!  Let me know what you think in the comments.  As always, thanks for reading!


index cards, watercolour, collage, book paper, cat food box, black pen,


ICAD – Day 15
T Stands For Tuesday – T stands for tasty decaf tea and ginger beer!


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June 16, 2021 12:02 pm

Lovely crop of ICADs. My favorite is the blue one. Such a pretty shade. Very cool that the tea box is the perfect size to hold the ICADs. Your garden is very beautiful and looks like a peaceful place to hang out. Happy T Day

iris Flavia
June 16, 2021 11:21 am

I get an idea of the ICADS, thank you – beautiful, as your garden.

June 16, 2021 5:50 am

you Certainly worked hard on your garden nettles are awful when they cause the swelling, my mum always told us to rub them with a dock leaf!
the flowers are lovely colours and all the rhubarb, something I miss living.here as it’s too hot to grow it
Happy belated T Day

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
June 16, 2021 1:59 am

I noticed you and Linda both have loads of layers to your ICADs. Mine are as flat as I can get them because I layered them one year and they were hard to keep flat on my scanner. I do LOVE yours though, and I like the theme you have chosen of various colors. So glad you shared these.

You did a TON of work in your garden. It is overpowering, and it looks like you got a LOT accomplished. I love your peonies. I miss my bush that my neighbor killed when he installed the fence. Yours are stunning.

Lovely strawberries and beautiful breakfast. Thanks for sharing your breakfast, ginger beer, garden, and ICADs with us for T this Tuesday, dear Elle.

Erika N
June 16, 2021 12:56 am

Love your ICADS Elle, and that tea box makes great storage for them. Nice discovery. You overgrown nettles look like my garden right now. Mine isn’t nettles but definitely needs some TLC and plant thinning. I say that so you will no it is no shocker to me. Gardens are just constant work and never seem to be finish, but that is the best thing about them. I hope you had a great T day, and enjoy those strawberries and rhubarb. I went picking some at a farm the other day myself. Hugs-Erika

Divers and Sundry
June 15, 2021 10:33 pm

Your cards are beautiful! I like the way the elements follow the movement in the watercolor background, and the depth. Nice!

You did well against the nettles. Your flowers are gorgeous, and it is such a joy to eat from your own garden. Great produce! I know you’ll be glad you brought some of the flowers in when you look out at the pouring rain tomorrow. 🙂

Happy T Tuesday!

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