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Happy Sunday and welcome to Day 27 of ICAD (that’s index-card-a-day btw) and since I have been working in batches of nine cards, I have the third batch of ICADs to share today.  I am now sharing the latest batch of ICADS for Days 19-27 below.  If you were interested in more ICADS, the Day 1-9 post is here and the Day 10-18 post is here, and there are a few other individual posts scattered along the way, just search for ICAD and you’ll find them. 🙂 At the bottom of this post, is a fun before and after animation, so if you don’t feel like reading, just jump to the bottom! But of course, I am hoping you will keep reading 🙂

If this is the first of my ICAD 2021 posts you are reading, my concept for the series is to focus on watercolour pigments and paint colours.  Each of the 61 cards will feature a different colour.  Some will be pure, single pigment colours, and others will be mixed convenience colours.  I have been trying to stick to rainbow colours for the June cards, because this month is Pride month and I wonder if anyone noticed the rainbow order or maybe it wasn’t as obvious as I hoped?  Unfortunately one of my colours used below has turned out to look less rainbow-y, and that is Indigo.

Indigo is a colour on the rainbow, the colour order is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, but it might not be a colour that people associate with bright rainbows. So it still fits in with my rainbow theme for June but it might stand out a bit like a lone reed in a sea of bright rainbow colours.  The other criteria I have set for my ICADs, is to use any leftover bits and pieces, recycled ephemera, old die cuts, collage fodder, saved tissue paper etc and not use or buy anything new except the index cards themselves.  So you will see teabags, cardboard from cat food boxes, leftover diecuts, gift wrap, tissue paper, postage stamps, thread, yarn, found poetry from old books, gel print leftovers and so on.

Day 19 – Lemon Yellow – PY3 – another handy single pigment colour, can be quite pale as per the left hand side or a bit more saturated as shown on the right.  Goes really nicely with these deep greens.  I also found a matching floss colour in my collection.

Day 20 – Sap Green – PG36, PY150 – one of my favourite greens and favourite colours overall.  I found a floss in a very similar colour and then added more bits and pieces including this die cut I did ages ago using an amazon box.  The die is cute as it has birds on branches all the way round.

Day 21 – Prussian Blue PB27 – another handy single pigment colour, it looks a bit light in the photo but it can be quite an intense blue.  Instead of floss, I used some Harris Tweed yarn from my stash and an old diary page that has the right day and date on it!  I used the words about the moon because the painted offcut in the middle reminds me of the moon and so I also added a round white diecut to the right of it for more moon goodness.

Day 22 – Indigo – PB29, PB27, PBk7 – oops, while Indigo is an official rainbow colour, it is not a bright colour, and depending on wht brand of paint you use, the colour can vary.  This version is a mix of three different pigments, two blues and a black, so it can be easily mixed up if you want to make your own. I found some black corrugated card in my latest reorganisation so I used that along with this little piece of white card with some sample stitching holes on it, and more DMC floss.  This card has turned out to be one of my favourites and I think I want to spend a lot more time with these colours.  It is a variation on blue and orange being complementary colours but I like this version better.

Day 23 – Quinacridone Crimson Lake – PR202 – another handy single pigment colour, and another favourite.  I’m using similar elements as above and then used this orphaned branch diecut as a tree, it was brown but I coloured it black to work with my colour scheme.

Day 24 – Bright Opera – BV10, PR122 – well if you want a really bright pink you probably can’t do much better than Opera Pink!  Depending on the brand, it may also have optical brighteners in it (a bit like what they add to laundry products to make your whites brighter) and it may also glow in the dark a little bit because of that.

Day 25 – Orange – PO73, PY6 – orange is never my first choice of colour but I’m finding it funny how much I am loving my orange ICADs lol.  All the usual suspects on the ICAD, including two orphan die cuts that I painted with orange and some orange DMC floss.

Day 26 – Permanent Yellow Deep – PY65 – another handy single pigment colour, more intense than Permanent Yellow Light.  This was a fun one as I found this Crazy Cat leftover from an old project, and he has very similar coloured yellow eyes.  Then I found this old tag that was folded in half so I decided to leave it that way so that it could open like a book.  The kraft card with the black barcode is the leftover inner piece from the bird wreath used on Day 20.

Day 27 – Hooker’s Green – PG36, PBr25, PY150 – in the photo below it looks quite similar to Sap Green from Day 20, but it is or can be a much deeper green.  I used another old tag which had some holes punched it so I left one exposed and drew some flowers around it,

Here they all are in order…  this time I remembered to take a watercolour paint starter photo for each one before I started added all the stuff to them… as they follow on from the previous set of ICADS which stopped at orange, this batch now goes yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, orange, yellow, green…

… and afterwards…

…and then a fun before and after animation 🙂


Let me know what you think in the comments.  If you missed yesterday’s post, click here to see Be a unicorn in a field of horses.

As always, thanks for reading!


index cards, watercolour, collage, book paper, cat food box, teabags, DMC floss, Harris Tweed yarn, found poetry, black pen,


ICAD – Day 19-27

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Susan Renshaw
Susan Renshaw
July 1, 2021 12:15 am

Fabulous ICADs Elle… I particularly like Day 25 Orange. Love all the embellishing! Super idea to follow the ?. My inspirations tend to be what inspires me each day!! Maybe I needs theme…

June 30, 2021 8:17 pm

Elle I love your cards, they are beautiful! Its my first year so I am making it up as I go along, usually one card a day, sometimes two.

June 28, 2021 3:08 am

These are wonderful! I love your rainbow. And love the layers, too.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
June 27, 2021 11:21 pm

You not only put so much thought into your ICADs, you put a lot of recycled goodies on each card. I am so amazed at how dimensional and layered each of your cards is. I love how you created the animation, too. I was going for flat, but next year I may just follow your lead and make mine dimensional, too. Yours are out of this world, dear Elle.

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