Today marks the 5th birthday of these little darlings.  We are FIVE today!  We celebrated by playing with cat toys and having extra treats, but not too many as we are both on restricted diets.

They were born on 19th July 2016 but I of course didn’t meet them or even know they existed till September, when they were just over seven weeks old and ready to adopt. I’m having some probs accessing the early photos atm, so here are a few from a little later.  They were obsessed with technology and screens.  The first screen they ever saw was the tablet screen as shown below and Lily was fascinated by The Strain (vampire tv show) and crawled right up to the screen for a closer look.  After that I found them some cat games to watch and to interact with, like this one below which has a mouse popping in and out of some mouseholes.

And this one which was her favourite.  This little video was taken when she was just over seven weeks old and she was better at the game than we were!

Once they discovered the computer screen it was 24 inches of fun fun fun, so we found the fish game to entertain them. When the fish swam off screen they were looking behind the monitor or trying to climb over the top to get behind it.

Now we are five and we still have strange tastes in toys.  Mr G likes to fetch sticks (cotton bud sticks minus the cotton!) and he loves nothing better than to chase after them up and down the stairs, and act as goalie so nothing gets past him.  Lily has progressed from cat games to art videos, she especially likes anything where people are painting and she loves it when I am painting too.  I left the room one time to get some water and walked in to find her lifting a paintbrush out of a jar of water and she was gripping it in her paw like someone ready to paint!

They have real cat toys which are pretty much ignored, except for a couple of toys that are supposedly made of natural materials.  There is a fishing rod toy with a flying mouse on elastic, but they are determined to chew through the elastic, and Mr G is much more interested in the “stick” and wants to gnaw on it.  So we have to limit playtime with these and put them safely back in the box when done.  Fishing rod toys make kittens go…

This was December 2017 when they were two, and used to get along together.  They could both fit in this one cat bed, but now Mr G is twice the size of Lily and he doesn’t like to share.

Today I spent four hours making them gorgeous plush cat beds that I thought would be so much nicer than the cheap imported crap that is in the shops and so far they are unimpressed by my efforts, choosing instead to sleep on a table!  I’ll share the cat beds in a post later this week.

As always, thanks for reading!

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July 21, 2021 4:15 pm

Oh how sweet! Can’t believe they are five already {hugs} an d happy birthday!

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