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Welcome to the latest batch of ICADs (that’s index-card-a-day btw) and since I have been working in batches of nine cards, I have the sixth batch of ICADs to share today.  If you were interested in more ICADS, here are the posts so far:

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and there are a few other individual posts scattered along the way, just search for ICAD and you’ll find them. 🙂

Before we get to the ICADs, here’s a look at my desk in its current state, complete with kitty companion, Miss Lily.  You can see it’s a bit of a mess with only that little patch of clear space in the middle and everything else looming in from the sides.  It’s true, this is all the space I have to work with atm, outside of the photo, the rest of the table is just piled high with stuff that really needs to find a permanent home elsewhere. What is Lily looking at?  A big avalanche of boxes on the left that is in the process of sliding on to the floor and she’s hoping it’s not coming her way!

Oh if you are curious what those violet and turquoise floral boxes are, they are the storage boxes for my ICADs, you can see what they are made of in yesterday’s post. Now on to the ICADs!

ICADS Days 46-54

If this is the first of my ICAD 2021 posts you are reading, my concept for the series is to focus on watercolour pigments and colours.  Each of the 61 cards will feature a different colour.  Some will be pure, single pigment colours, and others will be mixed convenience colours.  So far I have been working in loose rainbow order but that will soon change!  The other criteria I have set for my ICADs, is to use any leftover bits and pieces, recycled ephemera, old die cuts, collage fodder, saved tissue paper etc and not use or buy anything new except the index cards themselves.  So you will see teabags, cardboard from cat food boxes, leftover diecuts, gift wrap, tissue paper, postage stamps, thread, yarn, found poetry from old books, gel print leftovers and so on.

This latest batch is a whatever-I-could-find-on-my-desk collection, which just happened to be a lot of tea and coffee packaging bits and pieces, which do go well the teabags I’ve been using since Day 1.

Day 46 – Lunar Black – PBk11 – A Daniel Smith colour which is a really great paint if you want to paint things like the surface of the moon.


Day 47 – Permanent Red Deep – PR254 – another single pigment Red from Mijello


Day 48 – Quinacridone Violet – PR122 – back to Daniel Smith and one of their Quinacridone colours.  This one is used to make another colour further down the list…


Day 49 – Cobalt Violet – PV49 – one of my most used Daniel Smith colours, it looks a little light in this photo but it is quite a vibrant violet in RL.


Day 50 – Wisteria – PW6, PR122 – this is a convenience colour from Daniel Smith which is made by adding white to the Quin. Lilac I mentioned above, so if you had the lilac and some white, you could DIY this one.


Day 51 – Piemontite – Genuine – This is one of the Daniel Smith Primatek Mineral paints, using genuine Piemontite.


Day 52 – Burnt Sienna (2) – PR102 – and another Mijello single pigment colour, this is their alternative Burnt Sienna which using only PR102.  They have another Burnt Sienna (1) that is a combination of multiple pigments.



Day 53 – Green Apatite Genuine – Genuine – This is one of the Daniel Smith Primatek Mineral paints, using genuine Green Apatite.




Day 54 – Diopside Genuine – Genuine – This is one of the Daniel Smith Primatek Mineral paints, using genuine Diopside.


This batch all include the teabags, leftover watercolour scraps, Jane Eyre book text, and then tea and coffee packaging and leftover die cut elements added, with a bit of doodling to finish them off.

Oh and Day 47 has a little surprise hidden inside…


Let me know what you think in the comments.  Only seven more ICADs left to do before the end!

As always, thanks for reading!


index cards, watercolour paint, collage, book paper printouts, tea and coffee packaging, teabags, napkins, cat food box, leftover die cut elements, watercolour scraps, black pen, white pen, staples, glue


ICAD – Day 45-54

#634 – What’s on my desk (I’m number #18 in the linkup here too!)  Happy WOYWW!


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15 thoughts on “ICADs Days 46-54

  1. Elizabeth Worthington says:

    Hello Elle, your ICADs are some the best and most original I’ve seen. And the storage boxes are perfect too. Lily looks very much at home on your desk. My last cat, Bonnie, lived to sit and watch me work and I’m hoping the new kitten will eventually do likewise. So far she’s shown no signs that she will – she’s far too playful to settle for long. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #22

  2. mary anne says:

    Oh, your ICADs make me weak-kneed at their beauty. I have used that Pukka tea packaging as well and it is so pretty, too pretty to bin, isn’t it? I also have the box from some Bombay Sapphire East gin that I keep taking out, stroking, and putting back. I THOUGHT I would use it this week, but no, the project went another way. Phew. Saved by the bell, lol! I think the hiding Frida is my fave.
    Happy windy day, very late, Desk Hopping!
    Mary Anne (1)

  3. Shoshi says:

    PS Meant to say thank you for your good wishes about my operation etc. I do have to have radiotherapy (probably starting in about a month) and hormone therapy for 5 years, but hopefully no chemo – I’ll be discussing all this with the oncologist when I have my appointment with him on 11th August.

    Shoshi x

  4. Shoshi says:

    Thank you for your return visit, Elle. I am sorry you don’t like the Tonic guillotine – what is your objection to it in particular? So far I have found it absolutely fantastic and I wish I’d bought one ages ago! It steams through my cutting and does a much better job than my little Fiskars trimmer. I also love my glass media mat (but not the accessories!).

    So glad you enjoyed my cat content this week. We lost 2 kitties on the road outside our old house and it was utterly heartbreaking. It was just a narrow country lane, but it was the first straight stretch of road for several miles in both direction, and I think peole used to just put their foot down and zoom along that stretch. Now we live in the town, it is a lot safer. We’ve got an enclosed garden at the back and my hubby has built defences all round. They only go out when he is at home because I can’t manage to get them back if they do happen to get out. They never go out the front, which is almost directly onto the road.

    I had a cat many years ago (my first one after leaving home) that didn’t like other cats at all too!I love the idea of yours having an en-suite! Keeping cats separate is difficult. Our 2 old ones (Beatrice and Phoebe) both had medical needs – Beatrice had a very delicate stomach and had special food, and Phoebe had epilepsy and had to have liquid meds on her food, so we used to feed Beatrice in the downstairs loo, and quite often my hubby would forget to let her out and she’d be stuck in there for hours!! It got to the stage when we couldn’t go away because caring for them was too difficult for someone else to do. We’ve never put our kitties in a cattery.

    Your post didn’t run into a single block – I could tell where the paragraphs were, so no worries!

    Shoshi x #12

  5. Angela Radford says:

    Hi Elle, it’s always good to see what you’re up to and loving your desk today, looking busy. Gorgeous Icad batch too. Wishing you a happy woyww. Hugs, Angela x14x

  6. Angela says:

    Love your ICADs, a great theme. Going to have a look at your previous post to see the boxes x Angela #9

  7. Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith says:

    Wow you have a little factory going on there! They all look amazing! I like the Mona Lisa one best! Lily looks adorable on your desk! Have fun creating the next set! xx zsuzsa #16

  8. Shoshi says:

    What absolutely gorgeous colours you have chosen, Elle, and I love your multi-layered collages too. I am glad you have got Miss Lily to assist you in your endeavours. I am sure she would help you to tidy up if she developed opposable thumbs. (That’s when cats will take over the world.)

    Thank you for your visit last week, and I’m so glad you liked the card I made for my surgeon. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to give it to him yet because I didn’t actually go in to see him but had my follow-up appointment by phone. Actually it’s “fortunately” because having the appointment by phone meant it was good news, not bad, on the health front!! My hubby will be going in to the Breast Unit to collect my final bra once it arrives, and he will deliver the cards to reception when he goes.

    Regarding the glass media mat accessories – did I understand you right that your ruler was also “off” like mine? I agree with you about the scraper – totally useless!! I find an old credit card does a better job. I could always pop downstairs and bring up my ceramic hob cleaning kit if push came to shove – it has a razor blade mounted in a nice handle for scraping off burnt on food. I still haven’t got round to trying to fix the wonky ruler and may make another attempt to buy a decent T-ruler instead. It’s something I keep finding the need of, which is always a good reason for buying anything!

    I’ve now got my brilliant new guillotine which will make the preparing of card bases even easier. I like the sizes of the American cards. If you want something larger, you can always use their sized embossing folders/stencils/background stamps etc. on that sized paper and then mount it on a larger card base – I’ve done this in the past. I just think the proportions are so much nicer than anything based on A4.

    More pics this week of Ruby on the cat tree – Lily never goes on there! She likes to spend most of her time on the bed. They won’t use any purpose-made cat beds! They have such different preferences. Ruby has been sleeping in the hot fur-lined little house while the weather has been so hot! Funny.

    As you will see from my post this week, I’m doing well health-wise – no cancer beyond the lump. Despite what I’d hoped, I’m still not allowed to lift things, for another 4 weeks, so my hubby is helping me with heavy stuff. The time is going so quickly, though. Oncology appointment on 11th Aug.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #12

  9. LLJ says:

    Love the icads, especially the homage to Frida! I think icads are more fun than ATCs as you have more space to create, just enough to make a difference. Yours are so varied and interesting to look at, I liked the floral storage boxes too, good idea to keep them all tidy.
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  10. Diana Taylor says:

    What a great idea using colours as your ICAD theme – each of your cards is fabulous and I love your use of found ephemera – the Frida Kahlo piece is gorgous, I always love seeing her image in art. The are beautifully eyecatching and make me want to reach for my paints!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana xx #13

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