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Welcome to the final batch of ICADs for 2021!  I have been working in batches of nine cards (9 x 6 batches = 54) and so that left only the final seven cards to complete the full set of 61 ICADs. If you were interested in more ICADS, here are the posts so far:

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and there are a few other individual posts scattered along the way, just search for ICAD and you’ll find them.

ICADS Days 55-61

If this is the first of my ICAD 2021 posts you are reading, my concept for the series is to focus on watercolour pigments and colours.  Each of the 61 cards will feature a different colour.  Some will be pure, single pigment colours, and others will be mixed convenience colours.  So far I have been working in loose rainbow order but that will soon change!  The other criteria I have set for my ICADs, is to use any leftover bits and pieces, recycled ephemera, old die cuts, collage fodder, saved tissue paper etc and not use or buy anything new except the index cards themselves.  So you will see teabags, cardboard from cat food boxes, leftover diecuts, gift wrap, tissue paper, postage stamps, thread, yarn, found poetry from old books, gel print leftovers and so on.

This latest batch continues with the same ephemera as the last batch because I actually made them at the same time, so more tea and coffee packaging, supplemented with some old diecuts, all the regular bits and pieces, and even some fabric scraps this time!  Oh yes and a lot of doodling with white pen.

Day 55 – Viridian – PG7 – Another Mijello single pigment green which is really quite a lovely vibrant green and one that I like to use often.  In some versions, this colour can be hard to rewet but I don’t have any problem with it. The teabag sleeve in the middle is a Pukka tea called Three Ginger, and I was so tempted to squeeze another ginger cat onto the card but there really was no room, so perhaps that’s why they are looking so worried – what happened to the third cat???

Day 56 – Ultramarine Turquoise – PB29, PG7 – This is another Daniel Smith convenience colour, which I love and use a lot.  However if you had both pigments you could mix your own (PG7 is featured in the ICAD above). The turquoise cat is very suspicious of that cup of tea!


Day 57 – Manganese Blue Hue – PB15 – back to Daniel Smith and a really bright clear blue.  I included this one as it is one of my favourites but also for it’s mixing abilities, and another reason which I can’t remember right now but I will update this post when I do.


Day 58 – Lavender – PW6, PV15, PB29 – this is another convenience colour from Daniel Smith but it is such a pretty periwinkle blue that I wanted to include it.  As you can see it is made up of a violet and a blue mixed with white.


Day 59 – Lunar Blue – PBk11, PB15 – this is a convenience colour from Daniel Smith which is made by adding PBk11 (Lunar Black) to PB15 (phthalo blue) so you know what I’m going to say… if you have both of those, you can DIY your own!


Day 60 – Mayan Blue – Genuine – This is one of the Daniel Smith Primatek Mineral paints, and another favourite of mine, just look at that really dark patch on the bottom left – just gorgeous!  This one also has some fussy cut fabric butterflies and other fabric scraps left over from this fabric journal page.


Day 61 – Sleeping Beauty Turquoise – Genuine – And finally this is one of the Daniel Smith Primatek Mineral paints but I had to include this one on the list because it is a beautiful colour, and I do love turquoise but also because it is probably the most expensive pigment in the range.

And here are all 61 ICADs tucked away in their new storage boxes.  If you’re curious about the boxes, you can see what they are made of here.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading!


index cards, watercolour paint, collage, book paper printouts, tea and coffee packaging, teabags, napkins, leftover die cut elements, watercolour scraps, black pen, white pen, staples, glue, fabric scraps,


ICAD – Day 45-54

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