Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!  After a day of rain yesterday, our sunshine is back so I am hoping to get outside and into the garden for a bit of tidying up and possibly a bit of berry picking as the blueberries are ready and I watched a blackbird helping itself to some the other day.  Never saw that before in all the years we’ve had the bushes so maybe they are just discovering a taste for them.  I left it for a couple of days to let them have some since there are two packets of blueberries in the fridge and I don’t mind sharing, but I would like to enjoy some of the homegrown ones before they disappear. Today is Wednesday so I am linking up to WOYWW with this post which is an ICAD round up of all 61 cards.

If you were interested in more ICADS, and want to know more, here are the posts so far:

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and there are a few other individual posts scattered along the way, just search for ICAD and you’ll find them.

But first here is the current state of my desk – it’s a right mess!

This photo has a bonus desk included!  Not only can you see the really messy desk in the foreground but there is also a smaller writing desk in the background, complete with cat cameo appearance by Mr G.  That desk is under the window so it’s very popular with both of them.  They really like spreading out on the green cutting mat.  The main desk in the foreground is absolutely covered in stuff as I was busy working away on some journal pages, some of which can be seen in an unfinished state in the photo, but will appear in a finished state over the course of this month, including one that I posted yesterday.

ICADS 1-61

If this is the first of my ICAD 2021 posts you are reading, my concept for the series was to focus on watercolour pigments and colours.  Each of the 61 cards featured a different colour.  Many were pure, single pigment colours, and others were mixed convenience colours.  The other criteria I set for my ICADs, was to use any leftover bits and pieces, recycled ephemera, old die cuts, collage fodder, saved tissue paper etc and not use or buy anything new except the index cards themselves.  So there has been teabags, cardboard from cat food boxes, leftover diecuts, gift wrap, tissue paper, postage stamps, thread, yarn, found poetry from old books, gel print leftovers and so on.

June ICADs

July ICADs

June ICADs 1-30

July ICADs 31-61

And here are all 61 ICADs tucked away in their new storage boxes – see what they are made of here.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading!


index cards, watercolour paint, collage, book paper printouts, tea and coffee packaging, teabags, napkins, leftover die cut elements, watercolour scraps, black pen, white pen, staples, glue, fabric scraps,


ICAD – Day 1-61

WOYWW – #635 – What’s on my desk (I’m number #20 in the linkup!)  Happy WOYWW!

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18 thoughts on “ICADs All 61 Index Cards for June and July 2021

  1. Pat Brennan says:

    Enjoyed reading and looking at what you have been up to.
    I haven’t been active on WOYWW for such a long time and I lost my Artistic mojo ages ago. I am hoping for inspiration looking at prolific artists like yourself.

  2. Lilian B #10 says:

    Lovely work and so colourful I can see why the cats like to rest on you desk,

    take care and stay safe.

  3. Shoshi says:

    I love your beautiful ICADs, Elle – they make a lovely show of colour, and the doodly tea boxes are a triumph. I do love recycled/upcycled projects like that.

    Thank you for your lovely comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed your visit this week. I did another video of the kitties coming in for their tea today and I’ll probably upload it for next week – it features Ruby playing with the suds in the sink again! Thank you for the gel press link – definitely one to follow up on. I haven’t heard of the dish you mentioned and that’s another definite to follow up on too! Thank you – you’re a mine of information this week! I’ve had a very busy couple of days but will get to it eventually.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi, Lily and Ruby x #11

  4. stacy says:

    Hi Elle, my very first thought about your desk scene was Oh My Gosh she better hope he doesn’t decide to hop spots… I could just see everything going ahead of his paws like an avalanche. 🙂 ~Stacy #31

  5. LLJ says:

    I enjoyed your tea bag box tutorial very much, that’s the sort of thing that’s within my grasp! I love the white flowers on the dark backgrounds, it works so well and they’re the perfect storage for the cards. A win-win solution. Love the cat cameo too, lol!
    HUgs LLJ 5 xxx

  6. Carol N says:

    Wow! That is an amazing collection! And such variety! Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #29

  7. but that was my name - BJ says:

    I’m a bit behind the times so had to link to a few of your other pages to work out what ICAD actually stood for doh! Love the way you vary each one by colour, but I’m a colour freak so not surprising there. Super work. #Happy WOYWW BJ#24

  8. Angela says:

    Your Icads are amazing, a huge well done! I’d have to change my tea brand to get the same boxes, I really like them. Angela #15

  9. Angela Radford says:

    I’ve decided there’s no such thing as a messy desk it’s just industrious and I’m sticking with that Lol! That is a great collection of ICADs, well done. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela xXx

  10. Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith says:

    What an mazing collection of ICAD cards – there’s something really addictive about these projects – once you start you can’t stop as you see your collection grow! Happy #635! xx zsuzsa #25

  11. Carolyn Staton says:

    Love all your ICADs… confession time here – I haven’t quite managed to finish mine yet. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#18)

  12. Diana Taylor says:

    Your ICADS looks fabulous laid out like that – like a collection of bright jewels – I think they would look amazing framed like that and hung on the wall.
    Hope you have good week
    Diana xx #19

  13. Mary Anne says:

    Just had to pop back to test something. I can copy and paste the blankness into Textdit and read it there. As proof I can say you are very kind to share your berries with the blackbirds. I would possibly not have been that generous 🙂

  14. Sarah Brennan says:

    The ICADs look stunning all laid out together like that and they look fab in their storage boxes too Elle. Have fun with the rest of your journal pages. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  15. Mary Anney anne says:

    Huh. You and Shoshi – both blogs look a bit crazy, but at least I can see my own typing here. No idea what the text looks like, I shall try to send you a screen shot maybe? No matter, I can see all the ICADS and they are spectacular, especially all laid out like you have them. Have a great day!

    Happy WOYWW.
    Mary Anne (1)

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