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Hope you have a lovely weekend planned.  We have lots of rain so this might be one day that I spend indoors instead of out in the dreaded jungle garden – of course this rain is not going to help that problem one bit!   Today I have another art journal page to share with you, inspired by the VINTAGE theme over on Art Journal Journey where this month’s lovely host is Wendy K.

Yes I have another fabric page today – are you tired of them yet?  LOL The thing is, that I pulled out all of these fabrics and slapped them down in my journal on the same day.  I didn’t do anything else with them other than adhere the fabric to the pages, but they were all stuck down and ready to be worked on, so after this one, I have one other fabric page from this batch before moving on to something different.  This one is cute though, and unlike the other one which I always thought had children’s sewing patterns on it, this one actually does!  They are very faint and not showing well in the photo below but once the fabric is glued on the page you will see them I promise!

After the fabric was stuck to the page, I coloured the rest of the page using neocolor IIs.  There is also some bonus colouring in the middle of the page where some Distress Ink has bled through from another page and turned it olive green. Can you see the faint outlines of the sewing patterns now in between the children?

I wondered what to do next with my page and then I thought I would start drawing in more dress patterns and the missing tops to this mother and daughter.

And the missing left half of this girl…

More missing body parts drawn on…

How Distressing this Distress stain is lol.  This is why I don’t like making my pages with stitching and holes, I prefer them taped up if they are likely to get very wet!

Then the next day I was wondering what to write on the page to finish it off and this nursery rhyme popped into my head, it seemed appropriate what with all the sewing and dress patterns.  Here’s the rhyme in full:

Needles and ribbons and packets of pins,

Prints and chintz and odd bod-a-kins–

They’d never mind whether

You laid them together

Or one from the other in packets and tins.

But packets of pins and ribbons and needles,

And odd bod-a-kins, and chintz and prints,

Being birds of a feather

Would huddle together

Like minnows on billows or pennies in mints.

I wrote it around the outside of my page using a black Posca and that finished off the page.

Hope you enjoyed the post.  Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!Ingredients
my usual journal, watercolour paper, fabric, glue, gel medium, paint marker, pencil, neocolor IIs, (accidental Distress Ink bleed-through)


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11 thoughts on “Needles and Ribbons and Packets of Pins

  1. Meggymay says:

    This is an awesome page Elle, I loved the material you used and how you finished the figures by drawing them on to the base papers. Thank you for linking to Wendy’s Vintage theme at AJJ.

  2. Jean says:

    What fun Elle! I never thought of using material for art and you just did! I love this. I used to “design” clothes for my paper dolls when I was a child and had such fun. This Needles and Pins reminds me of those days. So creative, thank you. I hope you enjoy your rainy day. I like them as long as they don’t last too many days.

  3. Erika N says:

    Who could tired of these adorable fabrics? Not me. You can keep showing them Elle. I like how you drew in the missing parts from the children on the edge, and wrote in the poem at the top. This is perfect for Wendy’s challenge at AJJ. Thanks for sharing. And I hope you have a dry and nice weekend too. Hugs-Erika

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