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Welcome to Thursday’s post in the month-long blog along with Effy.   This time I have a fun home decor project to share with you – my Hang The Moon Garland!  GSL don’t have any Moon phase chippies (yet, maybe they will soon hint hint!) so I cut my own from some ATC coins.  I have a confession to make:  I lost these coins back in April when I switched rooms. I had the idea back then, and did some experimental cutting to make sure it would work.  Then I put them somewhere safe while I switched rooms and then couldn’t find them again when I unpacked everything in the new room!  A few weeks ago, I was looking for something completely different and what else was in the box but my moon phase coins!

I started off with these ATC coins from GSL.  They come in a pack of three, and for this product I used eight of them, but you can use more or less depending on how long you want your garland to be.

Decide how many full moons, half moons and quarter moons you want to have on your garland and then using scissors, cut the shapes from the coins.  I used a big pair of dressmaking scissors which are my go-to for cutting most things.  They are quite easy to cut despite the thickness of the chipboard.

To get the crescent moon shape, place one coin on top of the other, just overlapping enough to give you the crescent shape.  Draw around the curve with a pencil and then cut it out.  You can see how to measure this more accurately in my earlier post when I used these coins to make a moon canvas.

Next step is to gesso both sides and the edges of each coin and leave to dry.  This will give a better, brighter result once the glimmer paste is on than if we left it un-primed.

To cover my coins, I am using a Glimmer Paste by Nuvo, one in white and one in black.  If you don’t have this exact paste, there are plenty of others on the market, or you could make your own using glitter and a transparent paste, or forego the paste and paint them with metallic paint!  I chose to cover all my moons with white paste and then use the black paste to cover the oval shapes leftover from cutting out the crescent moons, just for a bit of interest or to represent a different phase.  Cover one side at a time and leave to dry before starting on the other side – don’t forget to cover the edges too!

To make the garland I am using some metallic embroidery thread from my stash.  I pulled out a few potentials but in the end went with the silvery white one in the middle of the above photo (but I always gravitate towards purple which is why it ended up in the mix!)

Spread out all your moons and decide how far apart you want them to be spaced, then measure out the thread leaving enough on either end to tie a loop so it can be hung.  I am only using one strand of this particular thread as it is quite strong and can handle the weight of the chipboard pieces.

Using some strong glue (I am using E6000 jewellery glue) attach the thread to the back of all the moons by making a line of glue across the centre of each and placing the thread on top of it.  Leave to dry, it doesn’t take long, then if you want to hide the thread, add more glimmer paste on top of the thread to hide both it and the glue.  Once everything is dry – hang it up!

So here are a couple of hanging options – horizontal using the loop on each end or vertical using just one loop.

I must apologise for how dark these photos are, but all my daylight seems to have disappeared with the good weather.  They were taken at lunchtime and these cupboards are white but really don’t look it!

This is my last project for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Design Team as this year has brought a lot of changes and I have less free time now.  I have been on the team for just over two years and it was a hard decision to make but it was time to hang up my chipboard and say goodbye.

Hope you enjoyed the post.  Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!Ingredients
GSL Artist Trading Coins D81M, gesso, glimmer paste white and black, E6000 glue, DMC metallic embroidery thread,


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