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I made a Christmas thing!  That’s the first one I’ve made this year, and it took me a lot longer than I expected it would but there you go, I made a start! I just want to get this post done and then it will be time for dinner (and maybe a movie!)   But first…

today’s art . . .

Today I have these star shaped ornaments OR they could be used as gift tags, or both!  This is my Day 13 offering for Art Every Day Month.

Last week Birgit Koopsen did a cardmaking video for Michaels/Gelli Arts where she made similar ornaments to these using masking tape on the gel plate and then attached them to cards, the idea being that you can detach them from the card and use them as tree ornaments, so you get a card and a gift in one.  Whilst I do plan to try that out, I wanted to try out another idea I had first.  Back in June, I painted some mini abstracts and since then I have had these strips of painted masking tape stuck on the back of the door.  These are the waste product from the painting, the bits you are supposed to throw away after you peel it off, but I thought they looked too nice to throw out, so I stuck them on the door until I could think about what to do with them.

Five months later… I had my answer thanks to Birgit’s video.  She was using masking tape printed from her gel plate, so I could do a similar thing with my acrylic paint covered masking tape!  Firstly I got out my compass and drew a circle and from there, a five-pointed star to use as my template. That one was too big to fit on a card unless the card was huge so I drew a smaller version.  You can see the size below on that cutting mat, the squares are in cm. Then I got an old amazon box, and used one side of it to cut out seven of these stars. I then proceeded to cover both sides of each of them with the masking tape strips that were hanging on my door. I like that they are made of an old box and some old masking tape that was supposed to be tossed.

To add more interest and just because I love splattering things with gold, I splattered them with gold acrylic ink.  Then I went round the edges with the remaining gold ink and filled in any gaps.  Then I punched a small hole in each of them and threaded some baker’s twine through, so they were ready for hanging.

Each one is completely different and unique.  This is a good alternative to try if you don’t have a gel plate or if you don’t like using it (some people don’t).   If you missed any November AEDM posts so far, check them out in the slider below.

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!Ingredients
amazon box, masking tape, acrylic paint, gold acrylic ink, baker’s twine


CountryView Challenges Christmas Gifting – November Challenge

Art Every Day MonthDay 13  

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11 thoughts on “Star Ornaments Or Tags For Gifting

  1. Corrie says:

    They look amazing ! Thank you so much for your contribution to our November “Christmas Gifting’ challenge over at Country View Challenges. Corrie x

  2. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    I saw this technique on Alison’s blog the other day and watched the video. I thought it was clear packing tape, not masking tape, but obviously both would work. I want to make the tree, but because I hate my gelli, I would find a different way to make mine.

    • Empire of the Cat says:

      Hi Elizabeth, yes Birgit has done the same technique before with clear packing tape, you can see some of mine here and the other technique for using the tape Gel printing on tape 2019 The thing about the clear tape is that shiny side is difficult to stick to things, whereas the masking tape sticks better. With my technique the sticky side of the masking tape is untouched so it’s still sticky and all the paint is on the non-sticky side. With the gel printing, the sticky side of the tape is what you use to pick up the paint from the plate. You might like to try it this way – place some strips of masking tape down on a non-porous surface like glass, stamp and print your designs on the tape, wait till it’s dry, then peel it off and stick on your tree.

      • Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

        I really like the idea of using the masking tape. I may try that. If I’m correct (and I hope I am), I think you can place your masking tape on clear polypropylene three ring binder sheet protectors and they should easily peel off. The nice thing is, you can also store the excess decorated strips of masking tape on these sheet protectors, too.

        • Empire of the Cat says:

          Yes they should peel off anything like that quite easily. This is the opposite to using the gel plate with masking tape, where the sticky side is used to pick up the paint, and so you lose the stickiness, whereas this way, the non-sticky side is what you paint on, and then you still have the use of the sticky side. I will hopefully be making the cards today, we’ll see how it goes.

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