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It’s a chilly one today and frost is on the ground.  I really need to find some fingerless gloves and a scarf, and maybe a hat, and that’s for inside the house haha.  Apologies for typos = cold hands!  Here comes today’s art…

today’s art . . .

Today’s art is my Day 3 page for Art Journal Advent and my Day 3 stamp for Carve December – I love the idea of the extra challenge of combining the two things ha ha because clearly I am nuts!  If you missed the previous days, you can find them linked at the bottom of this post.

And here’s my page for the Day 3 prompt which is GLITTER & GLAMOUR.  Most people seem to favour single pages but I tend to work across two pages as I like that better so again like yesterday, it’s a two page spread.  I found this cat while I was looking through my stash and instantly thought GLAMOUR PUSS!  So she became the focus of my page.  Behind her is a chocolate wrapper, the brand is Divine, and then I added some green glitter card scraps left over from something years ago.  I also found this little pink/mauve paper bag that I wanted to add onto the page, so I made it a tip-in, and tucked this purple gel print inside.

On the other side is this print I made on tissue paper – I liked the colours and it’s been hanging around for ages and needed to be used before it got torn.  GILMOUR is almost nearly GLAMOUR isn’t it?

For today’s stamp for the #CarveDecember2021 challenge I made this foam stamp out of a piece of foam.  I wanted it to look like a Christmas bauble but a little wonky.  I stamped it around the kitty and then on the back of the tip-in using pink Versafine Clair ink.  Today’s prompt for the challenge is CHAOTIC and I don’t think my stamp fits the bill today, so I am not following the prompt for today.

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!Ingredients
my handmade junk journal, various paper scraps, gel prints, wrapping paper, magazines, deli paper etc, handmade stamp, Versafine Clair ink, black stabilo, white paint pen, music paper, tissue paper, leaves, white pen,


#ArtJournalAdventDay 3 Glitter and Glamour – my glamour puss!
Day 3 – the prompt for Day 3 is CHAOTIC – I am not following the prompt today .

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