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Here’s to a great new creative week!  I have to double my posts today despite saying I wasn’t going to, but then I will have caught up with the days.  Here comes the first of today’s art…

today’s art . . .

Today’s art is my Day 6 page for Art Journal Advent and my Day 6 stamp for Carve December – I love the idea of the extra challenge of combining the two things ha ha because clearly I am nuts!  If you missed the previous days, you can find them linked at the bottom of this post in the slider.

And here’s my page for the Day 6 prompt which is MOMENT OF HAPPINESS.  Most people seem to favour single pages but I tend to work across two pages as I like that better so again like yesterday, it’s a two page spread.  This page is made from an old page covered in some kind of splatters – splatters of what I can no longer remember but I want to say Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks (?) It was done on a piece of drawing paper, maybe cartridge paper though it feels rougher than that.  On top of that page, I added some snowflake stamping, and I drew this big fluorescent pink heart in the middle. Inside the heart I stuck various words I cut out from that Boots gift guide – LOVE, HAPPY, BLISS, HEARTS, HAPPY PLACE, JOY etc.  I wanted to make a stamp out of my signature cats so I pictured them both meeting and it was love at first meow – of course I had to call it THEY COME TO GAZE AT THE HEART lol.  I also added some pieces of alcohol inked photo paper (the green pieces) and some origami paper (the pink pieces) and then did my journaling in gold pen at the top right of the page.

For today’s stamp for the #CarveDecember2021 challenge I made a pair of stamps using my signature cat design which you will have seen a few times now, including this page and these cards.  I had previously made it into a stencil so I thought why not make it into a stamp.  I made two so that I could have cats that faced in both directions.  I used Versafine Clair ink in black to stamp the cats.

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!Ingredients
my handmade junk journal, various paper scraps, gel prints, wrapping paper, magazines, deli paper etc, handmade stamp, Versafine Clair ink, black stabilo, white paint pen, music paper, tissue paper, leaves, white pen,


#ArtJournalAdventDay 6 Moment of Happiness
Day 6 – the prompt for Day 6 is VARIED – I am not following the prompt today.

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