Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are well and having a good start to the week.  We have been having some dry, sunny weather finally – still very cold, freezing temperatures overnight but then warmer and sunny during the day.  The cats are sunbathing in the sunroom where it is a few degrees warmer than it is outside and the poor things are glad of the extra heat.  I have been working on the house still and decluttering and have managed to sprain my wrist doing something or other, so I am having to do everything with one hand, including typing this post, which is so frustrating when you are used to touch typing quickly with both hands!

today’s art . . .

…finally I made something!  But only because I had to, I am still not in the right frame of mind to create anything, plus the room is still in chaos and I can’t seem to find even basic things like a pair of scissors and some glue!  Anyway I managed to make this birthday card for my brother-in-law whose birthday is tomorrow.

I used this paper that is a few years old and was in the stash.  I think it’s from Authentique paper brand. It has lots of vintage 3 x 4 inch journal cards on it and I like the colours.  The tartan check is the reverse side of this paper.

He is a mad golfer so the image fits him to a tee (pun intended lol).  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t wear plus fours when he’s playing but maybe he could start haha.

decluttering. . .

…is still on hold this week due to all the painting and DIY, and also due to my sprained wrist.  There is just so much to be done and I hate hanging around.  I like to get jobs finished and move on to the next one, but I am kind of stuck at the moment.

t stands for  . . .

Just some decaf tea with almond milk today, and also these “Easter” Brownie Bites which were reduced as they had to be eaten by yesterday, but they’re fine for a few more days IMO.  There is absolutely nothing “Easter” about them only that they are in a bag with Easter eggs on it lol.

As I mentioned last week, I have some gifts to share with the Tea Gang since last Tuesday was my birthday.  I have just emailed everyone who said yes to gifts, sorry for the delay but the hand thing has been a problem.  If you did say yes and haven’t received an email from me today, please check your junk mail.

Happy T Day!   As always, thanks for reading, stay warm and have a great week!

all the stuff in my house!


Altered Book Lover – T Stands for – 


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March 27, 2022 1:54 pm

Your lunch looks very tasty. It’s funny that they make “Easter” brownies that expire around a month before the holiday.

Good luck with a speedy wrist-recovery.

best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

March 27, 2022 11:51 am

Sorry you have had to have a break in the declutter process – hope that by now you are OK! I love buying treats that are still fine to eat. We took some bargain chocolate to the cinema last week! A very belated T Day wish! Hugs, Chrisx

Sharon Madson
Sharon Madson
March 23, 2022 1:28 am

The brownie bits look good. Visiting these blogs are making me hungry. I like Authentique paper brand scrapbook paper Happy T Day!

Erika N
March 22, 2022 11:41 pm

Sorry to hear about your wrist Elle. It is frustrating when you have to stop projects in the middle of them. Hopefully you’ll be back to them soon. It’s interesting they call them Easter brownies. I hope you’re weather warms up soon also. I also hope you had a great T day and week ahead. hugs-Erika

Kate Yetter
March 22, 2022 11:19 pm

I am amazed at how much you accomplish. You are such an inspiration. I started Spring cleaning this week and thought of you as I was decluttering and sorting through my book shelves.
Your Easter bites look tasty.
What a great spur of the moment card. Love the vintage golfer.
Sorry to hear about your sprained wrist.
Happy Tea Day,

Carola Bartz
March 22, 2022 10:51 pm

While your cats are looking for more heat, “mine” are looking for cooler places. It suddenly got very hot here, I don’t like it at all. Your food looks delicious – is that some kind of quiche? I’m getting hungry…

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
March 22, 2022 9:42 pm

Cards for men are hard to make and you came through with flying colors on this one. Happy birthday to your BIL tomorrow.

Looks like you have a great tea today. That “Best Before” means you still have plenty of time to eat these brownies. Sure like the looks of them, but, it’s true the packaging looks like Easter. However, your salad looks even better. Thanks for sharing your card and your tea, brownies, and salad with us for T this Tuesday, Elle.

Divers and Sundry
March 22, 2022 8:12 pm

I’m sorry about the sprained wrist and hope you recover quickly. I want some brownie bites! I’d sit with the cats and enjoy the sunroom (though I’d imagine I’d need a coat) 🙂 Happy T Tuesday

Linda K
March 22, 2022 4:59 pm

Aw, you surely did not need to injure your wrist with everything you’re working at. Hope it heals very soon. Great masculine card! I may have some of these older papers too;).
I’ve never tried almond milk in my tea but may give it a try. And I’m definitely eyeing up your quiche is it (?) rather than the candies:):) Happy T day!

March 22, 2022 4:41 pm

good morning, I am so sorry you hurt your hand-it is really difficult and frustrating to only have one good hand to use. glad you are getting some sunny days. hugs Happy T

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