Happy Saturday everyone, hope you are doing something fun!

My friend had a birthday last week so I made her a card, and then I wanted to print some copies off in my printer, but it ran out of ink so they didn’t work so well, but they can be saved.  The original watercoloured card looks like this…

The “printer ran out of ink” versions…
The two at the back are ok and more or less the right colours, but the two at the front have faded vertical lines, but I can fix them since I printed them on watercolour paper and can just paint over them.  🙂

This card was inspired by the Terry Runyan class on Sketchbook Revival a few months ago.  There were no cats on heads but there were blobby birds and cats, and then as I am watching her talk and paint I realised that I have her book!  I saw a book a few months ago on amazon and the cover caught my eye immediately because CATS and so I ordered it and then lost it on a shelf somewhere.  Then when Terry was talking and she mentioned she had a book, I went to look it up and discovered it was the book I already had and I had bought it because of the cat cover.  So inside the book there are lots of examples of cats but also other animals etc but I really liked the idea of the cat on the head – there is even a hashtag for it #catonheadwednesday so I thought i ‘d give it a go.  I didn’t think too much about it, just that I wanted a ginger cat so I mixed up some orange and then painted an orange blob and went from there.

I wasn’t sure how to finish it off and then I ended up by drawing flowers and leaves using acrylic paint pens.  Once it was dry I decided to scan it into my computer before I started messing about with it, just in case there were any accidents I couldn’t fix.  Then attempted to print it off on watercolour paper.  The first page was ok as you can see but by the second page the printer was low on ink and I didn’t notice till it was too late. However they are too good to throw away and since they are on watercolour paper I can just touch them up with some paint and they should be usable.

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