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As promised here is my ICAD catch-up post for week one.  For oh so many boring reasons, I wasn’t able to get the seven day catch-up post done before today but I promise to do better next time.  So what about this year’s ICAD?  Last year was all about pigments and colour swatching and I ended up with 61 different single pigment watercolours swatched onto some index cards with colour co-ordinated collage.  This year it might just be cat related and I am going to try to follow the daily prompts which I didn’t do last year.

today’s art . . .

Today’s art is of course the first seven days of ICAD!  Here we go starting with day one…

Day 1/61 Prompt:  asterisk  ~ May Contain Cats ~  I was thinking of those allergy warnings on food labels but then my mind went to cats of course.

Day 2/61 Prompt:  peony  ~ Look At The Flowers ~   I was thinking about cats looking at peonies so that’s what I ended up with (and a little nod to TWD.)

Day 3/61 Prompt:  maze or labyrinth Ah-maze-ing ~   My brain automatically goes to hedge mazes, I have always loved them and think it would be super cool to have one in a garden – a big garden obviously.  I tried to make it look 3D – did it work?  Then I drew in little black cats navigating the maze and then some yellow cat eyes peeking out through the hedge.

Day 4/61 Prompt:  key  ~ I Hold The Key To Your Heart ~  I was thinking what to do with “cats” and “keys” but of course it’s obvious. They hold the key to my heart. <3

Day 5/61 Prompt:  flamingo/pink  ~ Cool Cat Ride ~  I was thinking about how to combine cats and flamingos and pink if possible and came up with this after googling “cats and flamingos” for inspiration.  It did cross my mind to make a hybrid animal like Octokitty but what would that be – Catmingo? Flamkitty?

Day 6/61 Prompt:  daydream  ~ Do Cats Dream Of Real Food? ~  I was thinking about what might cats dream about and also how likely it was that I could draw it haha, so I ended up with a sleeping kitty dreaming about real fish rather than bowls of dry food.

Day 7/61 Prompt:  root  ~ The Root of the Problem? ~  I was thinking about how to combine tree roots and cats and then it seemed obvious.  Nap time in the roots of a shady tree!

That’s it for the first seven days of prompt.  Did you have a favourite, if so, which one?  I have been working again using my portable kit (for journalling) and it’s working out for this too as I doing it while watching TV and not in the studio as usual.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

index cards, tombow markers, ecoline markers, paint pens, black fineliner, pencil white gel pen, book rings,


ICAD 2022 – Week 1


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