Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are having a great week. I’m having a very busy week and it’s only Tuesday lol.  I’m so late posting this today as I was waiting for a new chair to arrive and then I had to put it together, but now that I have, it is much easier to sit here and type up this post.

today’s art . . .

is my Day 28 offering for ICAD 2022 since today is the 28th, as well as being my weekly catch up for ICAD.  If you missed the first seven days you can see that post here and Days 8-14 here and Days 15-21 here.  That completes the first four weeks of ICAD still sticking to the daily prompts.

ICAD Day 28 – Parachute (pants)

Today’s prompt is Parachute and as soon as I saw that, I knew I had to do something with parachute pants – IT’S HAMMER TIME or maybe that should be KITTEN TIME!
This one is mostly Pitt artist pens and paint pens for the neon outlines.

I started off by drawing MC Kitten in the middle of the ICAD, sporting his parachute (MC Hammer) pants.  The whole thing just made me giggle and I’ve been playing the music video all day imagining dancing kitties instead.


icad CATch-up  . . .

Days 22-28 are in the slider below, it will flip through them automatically or you can scroll through them using the arrows.


kitty update . . .

We had some nice weather and Miss P had some friends over to hang and enjoy the cat mint.  This is her below…

Miss P’s boyfriend #1

Miss P’s boyfriend #2

A bizarre love triangle… all three of them are in the photo below…. Miss P in the middle, everyone keeping up with social distance guidelines lol.


garden update . . .

My strawberry “harvest” was pretty meager last week but look what I have this week…  this is my daily harvest at the moment though we have had a lot of rain this week so it might start to drop off soon.

t stands for  . . .

Still experimenting with the coffee machine and now that I have some decaf it’s going a lot better and I am a lot less shaky and irritable lol. It is still trying to tell me what to do though lol. It doesn’t even say please!

With all the strawberries I’m getting lately, this is my current breakfast preference – special k, almond milk and strawberries, and a very large decaf coffee which I am drinking out of the blender cup that came with my stick blender haha.  It’s certainly big enough!

Happy T Day!   As always, thanks for reading, and have a great week!

as mentioned above


Altered Book Lover – T Stands for


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21 thoughts on “T Stands For U Cat Touch This – ICAD 2022 Days 22-28 Catch Up, Kitties And Garden Update

  1. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    YES, I’m very late visiting. I am so sorry. Even though I’m the host, I have been incredibly busy with the flood I had in my basement. I absolutely LOVE your ICADs. You are so incredibly clever when it comes to using cats as part of the prompts. I definitely love Portmanteau. That is brilliant.

    Miss P’s love triangle had me laughing. A real femme fatale.

    Wow to all those strawberries. You sure made up for last week’s harvest. Loved how you used them in your breakfast, too. I’m still loving that new coffee maker and how it gives you orders. That is too funny. Thanks for sharing your breakfast, coffee, coffee maker, and incredible ICADs with us for T this week.

  2. Carola Bartz says:

    Your cat ICADs really do it for me, they are funny and so well done. I love the cat sitting in the pineapple. Do the two visiting male cats fight with each other? Here in cat central (my garden) the neighbors’ cats congregate, all six of them are male and sometimes it can get pretty nasty. a couple days ago thwo of them were fighting with each other on the roof of the garage and almost fell off. Guys!

  3. Kate Yetter says:

    Trouble shooting a new piece of equipment can be frustrating. You will eventually figure it out, perhaps by accident. My son is great with things like that. He taught me so many features of my cell phone back when he was only 7. Some are tech challenged, like me.
    Your index cards are fabulous and adorable today. Love the kitty rocker.
    A great use of your homegrown strawberries. They look SO delicious.
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

    • Empire of the Cat says:

      Oh I figured it out weeks ago Kate, I just find it annoying that it tells me what to do, usually at some inconvenient time, when I just want to make a quick cup of coffee lol. Happy T Day!

  4. Linda K says:

    Loving your clever and creative cat cards Elle- they are a delight to see. Your strawberries look great, and the kitties seem to be enjoying their outdoor playtime. Happy T day a bit late, and have a great rest of the week!

  5. C J says:

    That is a very clever take on parachute. Miss P and her beaus, so cute. Lucky you on your strawberry crop. When we had a strawberry patch, the chipmunks ate the back side of the strawberry. The strawberries looked perfect except for the big bite taken out of the back of Every. Single. Strawberry! Happy T Day

  6. Nancy W says:

    Elle, your kitties, coffee, breakfast, and fun art are all wonderful. I am so jealous of your fresh home-grown strawberries – I know they are fabulous! the ICAD kitties are done so well and love the humor. Fun post. Happy T-day a bit late. Hugz

  7. Sharon Madson says:

    Lucky you with fresh strawberries. We have been buying them at the grocery and enjoying them in salads, oatmeal, by themselves, and in smoothies. Love them! Funny that the cats are keeping social distancing guidelines. LOL Happy T Day!

  8. Erika N says:

    Your strawberries look so delicious Elle. Nice harvest. And it was fun seeing the kitties in your garden. I bet they love the cat mint. And your ICADS are lots of fun! I love your kitty theme!!! And your puns. I hope you had a great T day and have a great week ahead. hugs-Erika

  9. kathy says:

    Good afternoon almost evening, thanks for stopping by or I would have missed your post. Love your ICAD’s and fun seeing your kitty having her friends over – smiles. That is wonderful to have some fresh strawberries from your garden.
    that would be awesome if we used the same shop in England-good luck with your coffee maker I need to drink decaf too-teas and coffee as the caffeine really escalates my blood pressure numbers.
    Happy T and new week hugs from the lake

  10. mae says:

    I enjoy Special K with dried strawberries and extra fresh strawberries added. Your breakfast looks very good.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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