Change of pace for today, I finished this mini wall hanging, or rather I finally finished it as I started it in May, finished the actual weaving in early June and then left it sitting on the loom until the other day!  The cats were getting very interested in it and were forever jumping on the table and testing out some of the loose ends for taste, so I knew it was time it was hung up for its own safety!

I wanted to make something to hang up on the door in the hall, and I was thinking to make something summery and then maybe change it out for autumn, but now I’m not sure it says summer to me. What do you think?

I think maybe the colours are too dark.  I initially planned to do rainbow colours but then went with this selection.  There’s a mixture of fibres here including roving, ribbon, sari and banana ribbon, some of my handspun art yarn, some gold thread etc.

I also really wanted to use black warp threads but now I am rethinking that choice too because I didn’t use black anywhere on the weaving because you know – it’s supposed to be a summer piece lol.

Nevertheless it is now hanging on the door on a temporary dowel until I find a piece of wood that I like.  Also it still has to be steamed and the fringe trimmed but I think it will look better when that is done and it’s properly hung on some wood.  And maybe I finish painting the door and remove the masking tape lol.

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!Ingredients
lots of different yarns and threads including some handspun,


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