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August was a busy month, not least because I had a daily challenge going, and I am still catching up on a few things because life gets very busy at month end.  Yesterday was my DT post for MTW and I created a secret library.  If you want to see it, here’s a link to yesterday’s secret library post where you can see the inside when it is opened up and there is also a video.

I also found out this week that I had won the Chillin’ in the Heat challenge over on the Funkie Junkie Challenge blog and so I will be guest designing there later this month.  It was my sandcastle Polaroid page that won the challenge for me:

Second on the Second

And that brings me to the reason for today’s post.  Bleubeard and Elizabeth’s Second on the Second Challenge asks that you bring back a post that you’re proud of or an old one that was shared before anyone knew of your blog.  I chose this image transfer post from 2019 and one of the reasons for choosing it is because Gelli Arts have another gel printing challenge happening this month so it seemed appropriate to revisit another gel printing challenge.  The 2019 post was all about gel printing image transfers using magazines.  You can read the original post from 21st September 2019 here or just look below for the Second on the Second post.  If you feel like joining in the current gel printing challenge here’s a look at the prompts.  It is an instagram challenge but if you don’t want to share on instagram you could just enjoy following along with the challenge prompts and watching the Gelli Arts team videos.  Here’s a link to the Gelli Arts blog post for more information.

original post is below

Day 21 – Image Resist #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge is one of my favourite ways to use my Gelli plate and I usually get good results, but a lot depends on the quality of the magazine. I made quite a few of these because I really love the technique and the magazine I was using had some great images!

Quick Overview of Process and Results…

It’s really important to get a good quality magazine to work with and by that I mean, you will need some nice glossy, weighty pages, like you would get with an expensive fashion magazine.  Magazines with thin pages will probably not work at all.  I think it also has something to do with the actual printing process and inks used in some of these magazines. This magazine was one I found at the bottom of a pile and it’s a few years old, but it had some great photos to work with.  All of these prints are from that one magazine.  Before I found this one, I found an old Prima magazine that had a great photo of a Brenda Blethyn and I really wanted to use that one, but unfortunately, very thin (cheap) paper in the magazine resulted in no printing what so ever!

The above photo was the first one I tried from the good quality mag, and I used a very light turquoise acrylic paint and it worked great.  Then I thought I’d try this one with the woman reading the book.  Again with a similar colour.

That one worked great too!  One of the good things about printing this way, is that text will be printed the right way round because you are copying exactly what is on the page.  So if you had a nice typography page, that would look awesome.

This time, still using the same mag, I found this photo of a Geisha from a travel feature about Japan.  I took a few photos of the process which I will share below:

The original page
I decided to still to red since there was red in the original photo. I mixed red, purple and gold to get this colour
Here’s how the print looks when I lifted off the magazine page
And here is the resulting print.
Magazine page and print

Here are a few more photos from my Insta – scroll through and you will see that I was also able to pull multiple prints from the same magazine page, using different coloured acrylics!




The challenge

This month on Instagram Birgit Koopsen (@birgit_koopsen) is holding a Gel Printing Challenge with fun daily prompts to make you get more out of your gel plate –  and there are giveaways from both Birgit and @gelliarts.  I love my gel plate so I decided to join in.  Here are the prompts and the links if you want to join in too.  This image is from Birgit’s instagram page and IG has cut off her name from the bottom. so to see the photo and read about the challenge, click here.

Gel Plate
Old glossy magazines
Acrylic Paints – various
Variety of paper from stash

original post is above


Second on the Second

Grab button for Second on the 2nd

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September 2, 2022 4:03 pm

Very beautiful post. Wanted you to know you are the featured artist on this weeks Friday Face OFF. Have a lovely day.

September 2, 2022 2:26 pm

Wonderful 2nd on the 2nd, your image transfers are fantastic. Mine never looked so good! And congratulations on your successs at Funkie Junkie, well done! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Erika N
September 2, 2022 1:01 pm

I’m glad you shared this because I just learned about image resist on a Gelli plate. It is really fun and creates very cool images, doesn’t it. You do have to use those glossy page, good paper magazines for certain. And I went over and checked your book post and also left a comment. I wasn’t going to Gelli print today, but I think I may have to. Hope September is treating you well. and happy weekend. hugs-Erika

September 2, 2022 12:56 pm

Sleepy morning — my fingers slipped and I deleted your comment instead of a spam comment that was just below it on the list. Thanks for commenting, and I hope you’ll do it again!

Nice art work today! I’m not crafty myself, but I enjoy seeing others’ work. I agree with whoever liked that beach scene.

best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
September 2, 2022 11:55 am

First, I wanted you to know I went to your library post and commented there. Second, I am in awe of your second look. I have done a TON of image transfers, but NEVER on the Gel plate. I totally agree with you on the high end magazines. The others simply don’t give what you are going for, at least on image transfers only. One thing I have found that works well is junk mail postcards. Those large heavy postcards advertising everything from oil changes to maid service hit my mailbox regularly. I have found these transfer well, too. One of these days I’ll get my gel plate out and maybe even join that ABC challenge.

This was quite an informative post, Elle. Since I didn’t “know” you in 2019, this is a first look for me. I’m delighted you shared it with us as your second look this month.

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