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Today I have another Wanderlust class lesson to share with you after my watercolour weekend when I decided to finally get started on Wanderlust 2022 and started with the watercolour lessons last weekend, partly because they are the current theme’s classes and partly because watercolour is my favourite. This lesson was actually scheduled to be Lorraine Bell’s class but some kind of technical problem happened and so Kasia stepped up with an extra lesson.  I don’t know what the original lesson was supposed to be but I really enjoyed this one.

Today’s Art . . .

Today’s art is something I made for week 34 of Wanderlust which was Kasia’s substitute lesson on watercolour layers.

Try not to look at the face on the left page as that is a totally different lesson, but I was filling in pages in my current journal and this was the only blank one left. Here’s a look at it on its own.  It was a bit like an urban sketching lesson, and I used a piece of architecture at Dumfries House for my drawing.  I used a reference photo but I thought that the next time it actually stops raining I might take my sketchbook and visit in person and see if I can do a better job of it.  Or perhaps just get some sketching done en plein air.

These colours are not my usual either but as I had already painted the left hand page, I wanted to try and use colours that didn’t clash with that page, so I used warm neutrals and the same green as I mixed for the shading on her face.  Some of the colours can be seen in the palette below…

And here’s a look at both pages together…

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