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Happy Wednesday already!  Hope your week is going well so far.  I’m sure I have lost a day somewhere as I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, and there is so much to get done this week! I have lots of pumpkins to make into soup and possibly scones…

Soup already done and ready to eat with crusty bread (bread is in the oven right now!)

Today’s Art . . .

Today’s art is another page using my Day 26 prompt:  Pumpkin Coach

I didn’t plan to draw a pumpkin coach, I was just sitting on the sofa watching some TV and thinking about drawing a pumpkin or lots of pumpkins for the page, and it just turned into a coach… like magic!

So this is of course inspired by Cinderella whose fairy godmother magicked up a carriage (or coach) from a pumpkin so she could travel to the ball in style but of course there is always a catch with these things and the catch was, that she had to be home before midnight or it would turn back into a pumpkin and all the magic would be gone.  How many times have you heard someone use this expression in one variation or another?

“If I don’t get to bed soon I’ll turn into a pumpkin.”
“I need to leave the office soon or I’ll turn into a pumpkin.”
“You better be home soon before you turn into a pumpkin.”

And so on.  Hope you feel inspired to join in the challenge this month and have fun with it!
Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!

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Daily Prompts

Here are the prompts I will be using and you can probably tell that a lot of them are related to fairytales, but you don’t have to use them that way or you don’t have to use them at all.  I will be attempting all 31 days but I may not make it and that’s OK too.  The prompts are there if you feel stuck or in need of extra inspiration.   I just respond well to a daily prompt and I will also be sharing my pages on Instagram.  If you share your work on Instagram there is a hashtag.  Please note, that to enter the Art Journal Journey challenge using the Mr Linky tool, you will have to link from a blog since it is a blog challenge.

Or you can ignore the daily prompts completely and focus on the overarching theme for the month.  The daily prompts are there if you want to make more pages but need some extra prompting.

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October 29, 2022 3:50 pm

Your pumpkin coach is lovely! And yes, that is a phrase that gets used a lot. So much fun!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
October 29, 2022 10:39 am

AMAZING! I love how it turned out and how the coach’s “wheels” remind me of tendrils.

Iris Flavia
October 27, 2022 4:28 am

Great sketch, and no! I didn´t know these sayings!
The versions of Cinderella are mostly with a white horse, but as kid I once – I remember now – one with a pumpkin “coach”!
Next I´ll try the pumpkin marmalade Ingo made 🙂

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