Happy Tuesday Friends!

All the Christmas decor is down and it feels so boring without all the lights etc.  I didn’t have much as there was no tree, but I do miss the lights and I might replace them with some different lights especially with these cold, dark nights.  So far this year I have only finished three books and reading a fourth, as I spent a lot of time watching movies and shows on my streaming trials since they were very short so I wanted to make the most of it.  Some things that might be worth watching that I watched during that time are:
Star Trek Strange New Worlds ( a good addition to the ST universe, set before Captain Kirk’s time).
1883 (Yellowstone prequel, if you like tales of the old West then you will probably love this, I did).
Top Gun Maverick (this was actually pretty good for a sequel.  Tom Cruise is a bit of a nutcase IMO but a good value actor).
The Boys S3 (totally over the top even compared to the previous two over the top seasons lol).
The Shining Girls (really enjoyed this, based on a book, that I will be starting soon, and had two of the handmaids from the Handmaid’s Tale in it).
Wildcat (documentary about an ocelot and a soldier but for me it was all about the ocelot.  I remember being obsessed with ocelots when I was a kid and spent a lot of time drawing them and collecting images).
LOTR Rings of Power on amazon (it’s been out since the summer but I wasn’t sure about watching it as I’m a bit of a LOTR snob but actually they did a pretty good job with it),
The Time Traveler’s Wife (though S1 is only half the book and it’s since been cancelled.  I’m really hoping some other service takes it up but it’s a bit of a long shot).

Today’s Art . . .

Today’s art is a junk journal page for today’s INTRICATE prompt for #JunkJournalJanuary but since I added some clocks and a photo, it also works for MTW’s current Time challenge and AJJ’s Add Photo challenge.  I’m working in a loose-leaf journal this month so I can have the option of working on multiple pages without having to wait for drying time.  This page is made from the back of this box…

This is the inside of the box, the green outside is on the reverse to be used for another day.   On top I added more of my die-cutting leftovers. These were leftover from some leaf cutting on a green watercoloured paper.  All that green was too nice to throw away so I’ve kept it for a couple of months just waiting for the right project.  I’m thinking it qualifies as INTRICATE enough for today’s prompt.
After I glued it all down on the page, I added some splatters of inks and pigments.

I made a little cluster of collage and made it into a tuck spot to fit the photo into.  This beautiful girl is my old cat Possum who loved camouflaging herself in the bushes. She was a great cat who terrified the whole family haha but was a sweetheart underneath all the growling and hissing.  She really was very friendly, was always the first one to greet all visitors, but didn’t get all the affection she craved because she could also be a bit scary which made people nervous to get too close.  The Tim Holtz word stickers I added are dedicated to her.

T Stands for Currently Reading . . .

book cover of A Heart Full of Headstones

I’m currently reading this book by Ian Rankin which is book 24 in the Inspector Rebus series, set in Edinburgh.

“In a brand-new series installment, New York Times bestselling author, Ian Rankin, returns to his legendary detective—it’s not the first time Rebus has taken the law into his own hands, though it may be the last.  John Rebus stands accused: on trial for a crime that could put him behind bars for the rest of his life.  But what drove a good man to cross the line?”

TOTAL for 2023
4 books

T Stands for post-Christmas shopping

I went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time since before Christmas and imagine my surprise when I saw this…

Christmas and New Year are barely over and already we have Easter eggs on display!  Easter Sunday is 9th April this year so Easter eggs in January is just a tad early I think.

A lot of the Christmas products and foodstuffs were on sale, though why the PJs are on sale at a fraction of the price when PJs are needed all year round and not just for Christmas, I don’t know but I bought a pair yesterday and they cost me only £4.50!  I couldn’t even buy enough fabric to make PJs for that price so it seems crazy cheap.  However, I’m freezing still, so some brushed cotton PJs as an additional layer will come in very handy!  I also bought a large Xmas pudding reduced from £10 to £2 since I guess no one wants a Xmas pud after Christmas, but I love Xmas pud with custard!

T Stands for vegan hot chocolate and socks

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, a Christmas present arrived in the post from my friend in the US.  She sent me these great socks which she tells me will also work on the cats, but I will have test their reading abilities first as I think they might just ignore the warning lol.  Along with the socks were eight sachets of vegan hot chocolate which uses coconut milk powder instead of cow’s milk so I really appreciated that.   I’ve had a couple of them so far and they taste pretty good, and hot chocolate always makes you feel a bit warmer when it’s cold outside, don’t you think? 

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!


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January 23, 2023 9:28 pm

Great page, Elle! I love the background and the cluster with the clocks. The cat on the photo is cute!
Thank you for joining in with our “Time” challenge at Country View Challenges!
Have a wonderful and creative 2023!
Evelyn xx

January 23, 2023 5:09 pm

Great project! Thank you so much for your entry in our January ‘time’ challenge over at Country View Challenges! Corrie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
January 13, 2023 6:56 am

I can’t believe how I missed you and Darla for T Tuesday. My most sincere apologies. I actually came to tell you I received what I believe is an envelope from you. It has a “mail early” and some gorgeous postage stamps. I will open and share it for T this next week. Thank you in advance for thinking of me.

I have never heard of any of those show you got to watch during your trial period, but they sound good. You found some incredible bargains and you got some lovely socks and a lovely set of PJs, too.

Gotta love your journal page with the clocks. You really spread the love around, and that is fabulous. Thanks for sharing this beautiful girl with us at Art Journal Journey using Mia’s theme.

Vegan cocoa sounds good. I bought some almond nog becayse the real deal was SO expensive. thanks for sharing this cocoa with us for T this week, dear Elle. Again, I apologize for missing your post and link.

January 12, 2023 10:35 pm

We have been watching films n the afternoons- we had a lot saved and the afternoons have been so dark! We are now looking for films we have missed over the years. I love the ‘Intricate ‘ page. We only read at bedtime so don’t read so many books in a year. Belated Happy T Day, hugs, Chrisx

January 11, 2023 1:51 pm

Wow those are wonderful deals, especially on the PJs. I do like your art piece too. Have a great day today.

Erika N
January 11, 2023 2:34 am

Just a response to your comment on my blog. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett was a really good book. Hope you enjoy it.

Kate Yetter
January 11, 2023 12:48 am

Loved seeing your post-Christmas deals. I went shopping this week and scored some amazing deals.
Your journal pages are so full of color. The background texture is fabulous!
I didn’t know they had a new Star Trek series. I am a big fan and will have to check this one out. We don’t have Amazon prime but we love the original LOTR series.
I am a little late this week.
Happy Belated Tea Day,

Sharon Madson
Sharon Madson
January 11, 2023 12:26 am

Love the socks. 🙂 I have started reading very slowly in 2023. Your artwork is amazing. Happy T Dayl.

Erika N
January 10, 2023 10:51 pm

I am watching that Star TRek series (Strange New Worlds) right now. I also really like it. And at this point we are at the same number of books, i’m on #4, but I am sure you will zip right by me probably before the week is out. Smile. I am loving your xmas gift and also those cozy PJ’s. And I like your time page too. Stay warm, and enjoy your coco. Hope it was a great T day. hugs-Erika

January 10, 2023 9:14 pm

I’m thinking of buying a tv! We have not had one for the last 30 or more years so it will be a learning curve with all the streaming etc. Now that I am on my own, I think it might be nice. But I don’t have many friends who have tv so there aren’t many people I can ask.
Great page you made. I love what you did with that box.
That is a bargain! PJs for 4.50! Good for you!
And Easter eggs! You gotta be joking!
Happy T-Day,

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