Happy Thursday Friends!

Hope you are having a good week.  Lily and I had so much fun watching this lesson that I made a second page.  Lily didn’t make any pages though she really does find paintbrushes to be fascinating.

Today’s Art . . .

Today’s art is the second page I made for Wanderlust Week 7 lesson with Rae Missigman and the final class for the pastels theme.  I actually started this page before the other page, but then sat it aside as I wasn’t happy with it, and made the other one, but then I felt better about it the other day and decided to finish it.
I think my problem was that I really wanted a dark blue pastel background but then it was so different to what was taught in the class that it just looked wrong somehow.  All the techniques are exactly the same as my other page from this class, but with the darker background you can see the stencilling a lot more.

I found this little piece of washi tape from the end of a roll and felt like it needed a home on this page.

Since there are so many shades of pink (diluted red) I am also linking this page to Erika’s theme over on Art Journal Journey for Seeing Red.  (I hope you don’t mind another diluted red page Erika, I do have a redder page coming up!)

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading and Happy T Day!

lots of pastels, acrylic, collage, watercolour pencils, pitt artists pens, gesso, matte medium, watercolour paper, washi tape,


Art Journal Journey– Seeing Red

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth
March 1, 2023 8:31 am

The stenciling is quite prominent on this spread, Elle. I like the darker blue. I also like the flowers, especially the pink ones that look so realistic. Thanks for a belated sharing them with us at AJJ using Erika’s theme.

Iris Flavia
February 24, 2023 4:45 am

Lily sure was a big helper 🙂
Love your work and the tape, too xx

Erika N
February 24, 2023 1:15 am

This page is another beauty. I am LOVING those flowers. And I like how the stenciling shows up on the blue background . It makes it look like there’s white flowers behind the pink in a spring garden. And that’s a fun little bit of kitty washi tape too. Thanks again for adding your page to AJJ Elle. It great seeing all your red/pink pages. Have a wonderful rest of the week. hugs-Erika

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