Happy August everyone!

Since it is the very first day of the month, I am excited to share my DT inspiration project for August at More Than Words with you.


This month’s challenge is a choice between COLLAGE and COLLEGE, meaning that we can use to make a page using collage techniques OR a page about college.

Collage V College

I do love a collage so it was a no-brainer for me to choose that option for this month’s project.  I pulled out a couple of old magazines to flick through for inspiration and possible images to use and I saw this image of a man who looked quite emotional and it got me wondering why he was so overcome with emotion.  Then I was flicking through an old homewares catalogue and came across some pages of washing machines I wondered if I could use them for my page.  As I thought this, the image of the man from the fashion mag came back to me and I knew I wanted to use him on my page.  Perhaps he accidentally put his red socks in the wash with all his white shirts and now everything was pink!

I covered the page with the washing machine images, then cut out the man (turns out he’s a fashion designer who got a standing ovation at his first show and was quite overwhelmed, but I like my story about the socks better lol).  When everything was pasted in place, I applied some magenta ink and covered the page completely.  Then to finish off I added some paint splashes and splatters.

Let me know what you think in the comments.  As always, thanks for reading!Ingredients
magazine pages, glue, matte medium, acrylic ink, puffy letter stickers


More Than WordsAugust Collage or College Challenge – don’t forget you have the chance to win some fabulous digital art supplies from @ArtStacksDesigns!  Hope you can join us this month!






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August 27, 2023 3:42 pm

I am way behind with visiting blogs. I love your story of the red socks going in the white wash.
It’s a striking page Elle!

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