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Happy Tuesday and Happy November!   Thanks to those who visited me last week, it was more than last week and I appreciate it – you will be pleased to know I have switched the recaptcha off today to see how things go re the spammers.  I still have limited screen time due to my eye problems and I don’t want to spend it leaving comments on blogs who don’t seem to know I exist, so I’m sorry to say that I’ve stopped visiting the people who have never visited me, even after my three years of T.   Anyway, on with the post…

T Stands For . . .

Hot water and lemon.  You can just catch a glimpse of the slice of lemon at the bottom of the cup on the right of the photo. Miss Lily is of course in her usual position on my art table. She is less impressed with the lemon water – why would I ruin a perfectly good cup of water lol.

I’m trying to get away from the bad habit I seem to have adopted of drinking black (decaf) coffee first thing in the morning, so I have switched to hot water and lemon.

Here’s a lovely photo of Possum, a cat we had many years ago in Melbourne.  She was such a great cat, and she loved Autumn, though obviously Autumn was not in November there!  Every time we swept up the leaves she would dive right into the middle of them and then wait to pounce on us lol.  I’ve used a copy of this photo on my art journal page today.

Last week cat butts came up in conversation and I mentioned I had a set of cat butt magnets.  If you are curious, here they are in all their glory.  It even comes with a hairball magnet lol.

Currently Reading . . .

The Toymakers by Robert Dinsdale with the book group.  Last month I read his latest book (Once a Monster) so I’m intrigued to see how this one will play out.

book cover

Book 118

Genre:  Fantasy

TOTAL for 2023
118 books so far

November Books so far – 1

(re-reads if any are in bold)

Today’s Art . . .

Today’s art is a journal page for Jo’s theme this month on Art Journal Journey – Nature. I wanted to use the above photo of our old cat Possum in Australia so I scanned and printed it out.

A closer look…

Lots of bits and pieces, washi stickers, other ephemera with various animals and plants.

We have been having dry, crisp, cold weather but it’s good for taking clear photos of Arran and the beach. If you remember previous photos of this same view (here or here) you might remember the island being completely obscured by rain clouds and  mist! But below you can actually make out some of the terrain as the sun hit the mountains.

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading and Happy journalling!


watercolour paper, washi stickers, scrapbook paper, photo, stabilo all etc


T Stands For – autumn leaves, cat butts and lemon water,
Art Journal JourneyNature

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Jo - Let's Art Journal
November 10, 2023 9:58 pm

Such a stunning nature page! The layers of images and ephemera looks amazing together – love it ??. Wow, that beach looks like a beautiful place to visit, it’s amazing ?. Thanks so much for joining us at AJJ! Hugs, Jo x

November 9, 2023 4:59 pm

how wonderful it must be to walk along that beach and look across at Arran.
Lovely photo of Possum and how enjoyable to use it in a journal page. I must confess the first time I looked at the page I could not see Possum as she was camouflaged so well. Upu have some lovely ‘nature’ pictures to use in your pages, I especially love the shrooms.
Hugs, Neet xx

November 8, 2023 11:08 pm

I love seeing Possum in the leaves, cats do such funny things sometimes. Your page really is lovely- I love those images. Belated Happy T Day and thanks for shaking your page at AJJ and Jo’s theme hugs, Chrisx

November 8, 2023 8:16 pm

I love your art project. Very autummy. I almost didn’t spot Possum amongst the autumn leaves. He was the same colour.
What a beautiful view of Arran!
I’m sorry to hear you are still having eye problems. I hope it will improve.
Haha, you made my day with those cat butt magnets. What a hoot!
Happy T-Day,.

Carola Bartz
November 8, 2023 1:56 am

I’m sorry you still have trouble with your eyes and I hope it will get better soon. I used to make lemon juice ice cubes and put them in my water, and I’ve also drunk hot water with lemon and sugar, have never tried hot water with a slice of lemon. Maybe I should try this.
Your journal spread is really beautiful! What a cute cat. “My” cat always is near me when I work in the garden and sometimes he chases a couple leaves or tries to catch moths (unsuccessfully), but there are no piles of leaves for him to jump into.
If someone doesn’t visit my blog after I had visited theirs three times, I don’t bother anymore. Life is too short for that. Have a good week, Elle!

November 7, 2023 6:49 pm

Sorry to hear that you are still dealing with eye issues. I know what you mean, leaving comments is time consuming and there are people that have never visited me either, so why bother.
Loving those cat magnets! Your journal page is perfect for fall. I am partial to the mushroom images.
Happy Tea Day, Elle
P.S. I blogged about Domestika this week. Whenever I take a class, I think of you and wonder if it is one of the classes you purchased and have not yet taken. 😉

Divers and Sundry
November 7, 2023 3:29 pm

I’m sorry people aren’t returning your T visits 🙁 Such a shame. They don’t know what they’re missing!

What a lovely cup! It’s been ages since I had hot water with lemon, but it used to be a regular part of my morning. I drink my one cup of coffee (with caffeine) first thing in the morning these days.

That view! The beach looks perfect, but even more perfect with that view to look out on.

Happy T Tuesday!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
November 7, 2023 3:04 pm

Those cat butts are adorable. I think the hairball is the added fun thing. Great magnets.

Possum was a beautiful cat. Just lovely. She goes so well with the rest of Jo’s nature inspired art you created. I love the postage stamps you chose, too. Love the collage you created. It is really stunning. Thanks for sharing it with us at AJJ.

Your tea cup is beautiful. It looks delicate. Thanks for sharing your art and your cup of hot lemon water with us for T this Tuesday, dear Elle.

November 7, 2023 2:36 pm

Love the pussy butts, too funny! Beautiful journal page, too, thanks for linking to Jo’s challenge at AJJ. I have also stopped visiting those who never visit me! Happy T DAY; HUGS; vALERIE

Iris Flavia
November 7, 2023 2:10 pm

Possum is the cutest indeed, as is Miss Lily. Oh, the ocean, wonderful… Have a happy T-Day! And best wishes for your eyes.

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