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Happy Tuesday!  I spent the morning moving firewood, a tonne of firewood, that arrived at the house at 8.30 in the pouring rain!  I put a tarp over the wood but I got soaked right through my so-called “rain” coat and hat, and I am not thinking too highly of my raincoat right now.  I had to come in and change into dry clothes and dry my hair as it even soaked my hat.  Speaking of woodburners, I am just about to light mine and here’s what I’ve been cooking on the top of it while it heats the house – baked apples – yum!

T Stands For . . .

Hot water and lemon again so here is the same photo from last time.  I’m trying to start the day this way and cut down on the coffee even though it’s decaf.

Christmas cat treats and food in festive packaging are now in the supermarket!  I confess to buying some tins of turkey & cranberry and a couple of cat toys for the kitties!  They have been stashed away for Christmas though.

Currently Reading . . .

Bookshops & Bonedust by Travis Baldree.  This is the second book in the Legends & Lattes series though it is actually a prequel. I listened to the audiobook today, read by the author, and if you like “cosy” then this is a cosy fantasy.  The author has an interesting video on youtube comparing how an AI narrates an audiobook v a human.  Have to say, the AI does a pretty good job at sounding human, but not compared to an actual human!  I usually enjoy when an author narrates their own books as they know exactly how their characters should sound.  Neil Gaiman also does an excellent job of this.

book cover

Book 121

Genre:  Fantasy

TOTAL for 2023
121 books so far

November Books so far – 5

(re-reads if any are in bold)

Today’s Art . . .

Today’s art is my Day 1 and Day 2 pages for #FolktaleWeek.  This month I am participating in Folktale Week which is a one week challenge that takes place mainly on instagram and other social media.  Since it is nature based it is also a journal page for Jo’s theme this month on Art Journal Journey – Nature. My nature elements are cats and trees.

13th November prompt:  LOST
For the challenge you can choose to tell a story based on an existing folktale or make up your own.  I decided to make up my own about a lost cat but is she lost?  Perhaps she has just gone on an adventure.  The white cat is called Snowdrop and here she is looking worried in a dark forest where lots of eyes are watching her from the trees.  Her friend Midnight, the black cat, is worried because she is missing.  The story will be told from Midnight’s perspective mostly.  I like the idea of my story but I am not so happy about the execution of my pages. I think it needs something else, or something more.

14th November prompt:  INK
Same goes for today’s page.  I had an idea but I’m not sure it comes across on the page.  Midnight has gone to the ink and print shop to order a poster to help find Snowdrop.  It’s a cat owned shop of course and the cat paints the posters with his tail dipped in ink. I think the background is too pale and the white ink splotches can hardly be seen in the photo.

Garden . . .

My garden is confused by the weather! We’ve been getting some frost and cold overnight temperatures (-1C) but look what is growing…

An anemone, a Spring flowering bulb/corm that usually flowers around March/April but is now flowering in November!  My neighbour’s poppies have also started to flower again after flowering in the summer!

A view from the back of the house on a cold and frosty morning (last Sunday).

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading and Happy journalling!


small dylusions journal, watercolour, poscas, pitt pens, neocolours, pencil, fineliner, acrylic ink,


T Stands For – lemon water,
Folktale Week – Instagram Challenge
Art Journal Journey

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November 20, 2023 4:19 pm

I was sure I left a comment here last week as I recall being amused by the pet food aisle! Lost in blogland I expect, hugs, Chrisx

Jo - Let's Art Journal
November 17, 2023 6:19 pm

Beautiful kitty cat pages! The view from your house looks so beautiful, aren’t the autumn colours gorgeous this year ?. Happy wishes! Hugs, Jo x

November 16, 2023 9:35 am

I think you are being hard on yourself, the page is fine and the ink drops show up – love the drips from the tail. What a fab idea this is and what a lovely book you will have at the end of it all. A great story and i am already in love with Snowdrop.
Hugs, ~Neet xx

November 15, 2023 11:45 am

You had me at the smell of baked apples wafting through the house. It would be so cozy to sit by the wood stove and read your story about Midnight and Snowdrop. Lovely view from your window. Happy T Day

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
November 15, 2023 5:19 am

What a lot of wood you had to deal with. At least you will be able to warm your home this winter, unlike last year. Your baked apples look yummy.

I still love that tea cup. It is beautiful. Christmas cat treats? What will they think up next for us cat lovers?

I think your folklore pages are awesome. I like the cat that dips its tail in white ink and of course, I love the black cat looking for its friend. I look forward to seeing if the lost cat is eventually found. It’s great you tied it to AJJ. That was smart thinking. Thanks for sharing this at Art Journal Journey using Jo’s nature theme. Thanks, too, for sharing your lovely garden, the view from your house, and your hot water and lemon with us for T this Tuesday, dear Elle.

Erika N
November 15, 2023 1:54 am

Oh I like your kitty pages, and I especially like the story about the not-lost cat. I think cats are like people and they just need to go on little adventures every now and again. The dogs do too, especially Miss Maddie who likes to go meet people. I’ve picked up a few Christmas little treats already, before they sell out also. You mentioned Once a Monster (I think last week) and I’m reading it now. Thanks for the recommendation. It’s very good. And good for you for stacking wood. It’s a lot of work but good exercise, right? I hope it was a lovely T day, and thank you for joining Jo’s challenge at AJJ. hugs-Erika

Carola Bartz
November 14, 2023 9:28 pm

Your pages are beautiful Elle, and I love that you are coming up with your own folktale. A wood burner sounds very cozy and I hope you will be much warmer this winter than last – I remember that you often said you had no heat in the house and that just sounds miserable. Have a happy T Day!

Iris Flavia
November 14, 2023 8:58 pm

Holy sh##t for a day starting like that!
But YUM to the apples – I got a recipe to try, too!
LOL. I kinda bet the furry family members “get” something special is going on!
(Such a sweet pic again!).
Your art is great and I truly love those hands!
Eww, you were in the minus temps already?
Yesterday they predicted a “winter too warm” here. Hm. Glad we take off to Perth – this “too warm” is still way too cold for my liking!
Beautiful flower!
Happy T-Day! Hugs and keep warm!

November 14, 2023 7:10 pm

Your art is fantastic, one piece lovelier than the other, hats off to you! Sorry you got so wet, you had to move a lot of wood. Enjoy your wood fire – and the apples! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

November 14, 2023 6:55 pm

I saw folkweek on Instagram and it sounds like such a fun challenge. I really want to participate but I don’t follow through with those types of things but maybe someday. I love your idea of the lost cat. Cute page!
Baked apples, yum! We are enjoying the apples from the nearby orchards. I just made a pie for the hubby last night and a healthy apple crisp for myself this morning.
The anemone is beautiful. You must have had warmer temperatures than normal. Our roses just stopped blooming due to our first frost.
I enjoyed hearing about your traditional meals last week and I would love recipes if you are willing to share!
Happy Tea Day,

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