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Happy Sunday!  As I mentioned on Monday, this month I am participating in Folktale Week which is a one week challenge that takes place mainly on instagram and other social media.  The instagram link is here for the challenge or you can read a bit more about it on this blog though the post is two years old.

Today’s Art . . .

Today’s art is my page for the Day 5 prompt of UNDERGROUND for #FolktaleWeek and since it is nature based it is also a journal page for Jo’s theme this month on Art Journal Journey – Nature. My nature elements (again) are cats but also rocks and an underground cave. Today is actually the last day (day 7) of the Folktale week challenge and yes you might have realised that I am two days behind since my page is for day 5.  It’s been one of those weeks!  Stuff is happening at home in the next couple of weeks so I have been very busy getting things organised and my arting time has been reduced – it’s already reduced because of my eyes so it’s a push to get anything completed but I am persevering.  I am also behind with my Gratitude journal also but hopefully can catch up after this Folktale challenge is over.

I haven’t provided any context for my pages so far, so here is the story so far.

Snowdrop and Midnight were having a conversation. The two housecats had been watching
a lot of adventure shows and Snowdrop was getting restless. I want to go on an adventure she said. Midnight frowned, and said, adventures can be dangerous for housecats like us and not to be recommended. I’m not scared said Snowdrop, just look at all the amazing places we could go – all those new smells! Don’t you want to come with me? Snowdrop didn’t wait for an answer, she opened the back door and ran off down the garden, heading towards the woods beyond the fence.

Midnight was feeling anxious for his friend and his human who had come home to find Snowdrop was missing.  Midnight tried to tell her that Snowdrop was only on an adventure but his human was so worried, she couldn’t hear him.
Meanwhile, Snowdrop had spent hours investigating the woods, chasing rabbits and butterflies, and generally having fun.  She ran deeper and deeper into the woods and before she knew it, it was getting dark and she was LOST.

Next day Midnight decided to get help from his friend Ink as his human had cried herself to sleep and didn’t know what to do. Midnight went to Ink’s Shoppe where she specialised in portraits and postcards for friends. Midnight told her what he wanted and she produced a poster he could pin up to help find Snowdrop.


Meanwhile, after a cold night in the forest, a nervous Snowdrop eventually found her way out of the forest but it was not the same way that she came in.  Before her was more water than she had ever seen before.  Getting her sense of adventure back again, she jumped into a boat that was on the shore, and headed off hoping to reach the other side – if there was another side.  Before too long, she spotted first, a pair of cat ears, and then a full head emerging from the water.  It was a mer-cat, no, wait, it was three mer-cats bobbing about in the waves sunning themselves.   They floated over to the little boat and asked Snowdrop where she was going.  She told them she was on a grand adventure.  A big adventure indeed for a little housecat they said.  We will help you, and they got behind her little boat and guided it across the sea loch, for that was what it was.
Midnight was home after displaying his missing cat poster on the front gate.  His nap was overdue and he nodded off, dreaming of Snowdrop, fish and a waving flag. What a strange dream!
Snowdrop was also finally asleep, cold and alone.  She was dreaming of being safe in her human’s arms.  She woke hearing Midnight calling her name, and she realised how much she missed her friend and her human and her very comfortable home.  She decided it was time to go home but how to get there?
Midnight was now very worried and had reached out across the cat network asking all cats to look out for his missing friend who was on an adventure but he really wished she would come home soon.
Snowdrop went back to the lake but the little boat was gone and she couldn’t get back across. She kept walking along the shore until the ground became very rocky and started to hurt her paws. She sat down on a big rock to rest her paws and suddenly the ground began to shake and she felt herself falling down down down… She landed on her feet in what seemed to be an underground cavern. She was very frightened, and looking around, she saw a golden light in the distance. She headed towards it and there in the entrance was a large black cat who looked very familiar.

That’s it for now, hopefully I can complete the final two pages quickly – I’ve already started them!

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading and Happy Journalling!


small dylusions journal, pencil, fineliner, pitt pens, posca pens,


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November 22, 2023 2:49 pm

I am so involved in your story Elle, I cannot wait for the next instalment. Love the story and the illustrations so much. Thank you.
Hugs, Neet xx
ps hope everything gets sorted at home

Jo - Let's Art Journal
November 21, 2023 4:40 pm

Another fantastic page for your journal, loving those kitty cats ?. I hope you’re having a lovely week and thanks for joining us at AJJ ??. Hugs, Jo x

November 20, 2023 11:10 pm

Lovely pages and a great story! Thanks for joining us again at AJJ, hugs, Chrisx

Erika N
November 19, 2023 12:58 pm

Oh no. I’m glad Snowdrop found Midnight but that was a scary way to find him. The cave you drew is great though. I like seeing Midnight sitting there. He has a great glow around him too. I hope you have time to finish this story. I get it about life getting busy though. This week is going to be busier for me too.I hope you can squeeze out a little art time though. hugs-Erika

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