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Hope you are all doing well.  I haven’t been online much due to the ongoing problems with my knee + pain.  Turns out I have two problems and not just the original diagnosis so that’s been fun (sarcasm).  Anyway not much blogging, arting or anything else really possible at the moment.  I had a birthday which I spent at home alone with the cats.  There were presents and a birthday dinner a few days later though, just not on the actual day.  I actually just received a birthday card just now in the mail.  It was posted on the 8th and it just got here on the 26th!

In my last post, I mentioned that I won a prize on Instagram.  The prize was from Paperartsy and it arrived yesterday…

I picked two of Alison Bomber’s stamp sets that I didn’t already have.  Word sets are so useful.  They also sent me two free stamps and the package was wrapped in some of Tracy Scott’s tissue paper.  Also, for T Day, in this photo you can see my coffee brewing and my Cat Mum mug full of decaf.

Today’s Art . . . journal page for friend

Today’s art is a small art journal/book that I made as a gift for my friend as I missed her birthday due to being incapacitated.  Hopefully I can get someone to post it to her this week.  This is the inside but the outside/back is free for any journalling she might want to do.  The pages are all gel printed since I was also doing the Gelli Arts March into Art monoprinting challenge this month.  Here’s the front cover…
There are six pages inside, here are the first two…

And the middle two…

And the last two… this page has a little interactive element with the sheep on the TV.

And with all twelve of these four-legged creatures I am also linking it up to the current theme at AJJ hosted by Chris from Pearshaped crafting.

Today’s Art . . . card for family member

More arting – I made a card for a family member also.  March and April are busy months for our family birthday-wise!

Currently Crocheting . . . temperature blanket

I am currently crocheting a temperature blanket since I can easily do this from the sofa and has the added bonus of keeping me warm – and Miss Lily can’t wait to sit on it!  A temperature blanket is a 365 day project where one row is crocheted/knitted every day based on that day’s temperature.  For mine, I have assigned a colour for every two degrees  eg  I have a colour that represents 7-8C  9-10C and so on. As we are nearing the end of March I am almost a quarter of the way through.
Current Kitty Update

The cats are of course running rings around me since I am on crutches and can’t chase after them.  Mr G got into a room where he’s not allowed, ate a plant and had to go to the vet.  He is also trying to injure my other knee by laying across the stairs waiting to pounce on me in the dark!  If I fall downstairs and do my other knee, we’ll know where to point the finger!  *looking at you fiendish cat!*

Here is Miss P and “an associate” in the garden.  Don’t you just love how they totally ignore each other?

Currently Reading. . .

And finally, if you’ve made it this far, thank you!

I have been getting through a lot of audiobooks – 20 books this month!  I am in Wyoming book-wise, working my way steadily through the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box and really enjoying it.  Yes I have gone through 50 books this year so far!
31.CJ Box – Open Season – Joe Pickett #1 |MY | Wyoming, US, 2001| :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
32.CJ Box – Savage Run – Joe Pickett #2  |MY | Wyoming, US 2002| :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
33.CJ Box – Winterkill – Joe Pickett #3 |MY | Wyoming, US 2003|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
34.CJ Box – Trophy Hunt – Joe Pickett #4 |MY | Wyoming, US 2004|   :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
35.CJ Box – Out of Range – Joe Pickett #5 |MY | Wyoming, US 2005|   :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
36. CJ Box – In Plain Sight – Joe Pickett #6 |MY | Wyoming, US 2006|   :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
37. CJ Box – Free Fire – Joe Pickett #7 |MY | Wyoming, US 2007|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
38. CJ Box – Blood Trail – Joe Pickett #8  |MY | Wyoming, US 2008| :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
39. CJ Box – Below Zero – Joe Pickett #9  |MY | Wyoming, US 2009| :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
40. CJ Box – Nowhere to Run – Joe Pickett #10  |MY | Wyoming, US 2010|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
41. CJ Box – Cold Wind – Joe Pickett #11  |MY | Wyoming, US 2011|   :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
42. CJ Box – Force of Nature – Joe Pickett #12  |MY | Wyoming, US 2012|    :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
43. CJ Box – Breaking Point – Joe Pickett #13  |MY | Wyoming, US 2013|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
44. CJ Box – Stone Cold – Joe Pickett #14  |MY | Wyoming, US 2014|   :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
45. CJ Box – Endangered – Joe Pickett #15 |MY | Wyoming, US 2015|   :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
46. CJ Box – Off the Grid – Joe Pickett #16 |MY | Wyoming, US 2016|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
47. CJ Box – Vicious Circle- Joe Pickett #17|MY | Wyoming, US 2017|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
48. CJ Box – The Disappeared- Joe Pickett #18 |MY | Wyoming, US 2018|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
49. CJ Box – Wolf Pack- Joe Pickett #19  |MY | Wyoming, US 2019|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:
50. CJ Box – Long Range- Joe Pickett #20 |MY | Wyoming, US 2020|  :star: :star: :star:  :star:  :starhalf:

Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading and happy journalling!


gel printed pages, cartridge paper, Carabelle stamps and stencils, Distress Oxides, Pitt Artist pens, stazon ink, acetate, sari ribbon, acrylic paints, gel pens,


Art Journal Journey – On all fours – March theme

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March 28, 2024 11:30 pm

Our post is dreadful at the moment even sometime which has a huge Time Sensitive labe on takes more than a week to get here! Your friend is sure to love her folding journal – I know I love it and it makes me happy to have it linked to AJJ and my theme . I hope your knee gets better soon! Loving your blanket! Congratulations on the win – great stamps, hugs, Chrisx

Sharon Madson
Sharon Madson
March 28, 2024 2:21 am

Love your art journal book. Fabulous! Happy belated birthday!

March 27, 2024 7:19 pm

Sorry, something went wrong with my comment. The last few sentences are from my comment to Iris. I tried to delete them, but I was not able. My apologies.

March 27, 2024 7:16 pm

Belated happy birthday! Like Erika (and you), I also am a March birthday girl.
What a great idea to make a temperature blanket. The colour should gradually change as the temperature get warmer. I had never heard of this but I think it’s a very good idea.
I’m sorry you are still having a lot of pain and that your fur babies are not really very understanding and helpful.
I love that little art journal. Are the images stamps? Or did you draw them? Your friend will be so pleased.
No, I’ve not read any of those books. Perhaps I should try one. I don’t often read books set in the US because the culture is so different, it’s difficult to imagine what places look like and some of the language is ‘puzzling’. (for me anyway, as I’m not a native speaker).
Happy T-Day,

March 27, 2024 2:55 pm

The cards are awesome. I had never heard of a temperature blanket. Such a clever and interesting idea, too. Cats are just so funny. Feel better soon and Happy T Day

March 27, 2024 5:19 am

Happy belated birthday ?? Love all your projects and those new stamp sets. The kitties are sending healing purrs ?

Erika N
March 27, 2024 12:14 am

And one more addition. Thanks for joining Chris’ challenge at AJJ also. 🙂

Erika N
March 26, 2024 11:56 pm

Oh and I need to wish you a happy belated birthday. I’m a March birthday girl too. I’m glad you celebrated, even if it wasn’t right on your birthday.

Erika N
March 26, 2024 11:56 pm

So sorry to read about the continuing knee issues Elle. Is there a healing end in sight? And I love that you are making a temperature blanket. I almost made one myself this year, but when I learned about them if was already a couple of weeks into January. I can imagine its a great project when you are stuck on the couch though. And I’ve heard that CJ Box series is good. I should add them to my list, so thanks for the recommendation. But I will say the star of your post is that colorful and adorable art book as well as the card. It’s great to look at. I hope you had a nice T day and that the rest of your week goes well. hugs-Erika

Carola Bartz
March 26, 2024 8:08 pm

Happy belated birthday, dear Elle! I’m so sorry that your knee still hasn’t got better. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I do hope that it will get better very soon and you don’t have to get around on crutches anymore. I have to say that I’m really glad I had my knee surgery – I was very nervous about it before, and now two weeks later I am not painfree, but it certainly is improving a lot. I hope there will be a good solution for you as well.
The little art journal is fabulous! And I love the idea of a temperature blanket – you need 366 days this year! It will be so much fun to look at it when it’s done and to see how many cooler days you had compared to warmer days.
I hope your knee will be much better soon and wish you a happy T day. Hugs – Carola

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