FINALLY!  That is all I want to say right now.

tim holtz glass media mat

Finally!  Yes I said it again because it’s been a long-ass wait I can tell you!  I’ve been trying to buy one since I saw it launched at Creativation (thanks to Youtube) and there were so many delays and expected delivery dates that were constantly changed.  The earliest it looked like it was going to happen was April, then early June, then end of June, then August, and well you get the idea.  So finallyI was able to pre-order from Craft Stash, but even their shipping dates were changed a few times and I was sitting here champing at the bit or maybe that was foaming at the mouth lol.  And then suddenly it was out for delivery and voilà I has one!  So for now, here it is on my work table – oh and I bought the tools that go with it too and there was discount so basically I got the tools for free because of the discount – so that was nice.  So yes, it’s here, in my house, where I can admire it tonight but it’s too late to do any testing so stay tuned.

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