Wow did you see the new April release from Concord and 9th?

Here’s my wishlist from this month

10596 Mail Drop Dies
10595 Mail Drop Stamp
10587 Fashion Wear Dies
10586 Fashion Wear Stamp
10584 Fringe Frenzy Kit
10582 Pinata Party Dies
10581 Pinata Party Stamp

Ok Fashion Wear is a no-brainer, since it works with Winter Wear and gives the girls a spring/summer look. The Mail Drop bundle is so cute, it is very US of course since our mail boxes don’t look like that but I can work with it and everyone recognises that it’s a box to put mail in, so I think it’s ok, so long as I make them red and black. I really love the pinata and how you can make it into a cute unicorn, and hold the front page, the FRINGE kit. OMG! I have to get the Fringe Frenzy Kit!!!

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