I am working on a couple of art journal spreads so I thought I would upload photos to show the process as I work on it.  Very much a WIP!


I am using my large Dylusions journal and making a two page spread.  So this spread was inspired by my previous art journal spread.  After working on the Cheshire Cat in that spread I felt like I wanted to draw something that was more like a real cat.

art journal cat eyes page

I penciled in a pair of very large cat-like eyes across a two page spread.

art journal cat eyes page



Then I roughly sketched in the nose and mouth, and played around with the fur wondering which direction to go in.  I’m thinking maybe using Polychromos or watercolour, but for now, this is where I stopped.

SUPPLIES USED FYI: (this will be added to as it is a WIP)
Dylusions journal

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