I was given this pair of cat bookends by a friend who didn’t want them anymore and offered them to me, and if I didn’t want them, they were going to a charity shop.

cat bookends

Honestly I don’t like them, but I do like cats, and I do need bookends so I took them as I also felt bad that they would end up in a charity shop or worse, be thrown away.  So I used them on the bookcase for a while but then I ran out of space as the number of books increased and I didn’t need to hold them up with bookends.  So then this pair sat around on the floor for a while, and I wondered if the time had come for me to donate them to a charity shop!  But look at those little sad faces, I needed to do something to save them!

cat bookends

There is really nothing wrong with them in principle.  They just look a little dated and a bit tired – that cat on the left looks quite depressed – but I decided to try and make them look better.  So I painted them completely in black gesso.

cat bookends

Gotta admit even that makes them look 100% better!

Now I need to decide what colours to paint them and I would like to do something to the cat on the left to make him look happier.


***This is a WIP (work in progress) post which I will update until it is finished, then it will become a finished post and the WIP status will be removed.





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