I was inspired by Art Daily Cafe’s Mood Board for June as soon as I saw it – here it is below

art daily cafe mood board june 2019 coral and inner child

It’s weird because if you know me, you will know that this is not my colour (although I’m pretty sure I wore some in the 80s lol don’t judge) but somehow this coral colour looks so wonderful and exuberant in this mood board that I wanted to challenge myself to make something with it (totally outside my comfort zone!)

build your wings coral tag for art daily cafeI started off by covering one of these thickboard tags with gesso and then some of Finnabair Flutter tissue paper which I am totally obsessed with btw.   I actually bought these tags for a Halloween project but they arrived too late and wound up in my stash, so it was high time I did something with them!

build your wings coral tag for art daily cafeI used my favourite Paper Paste and the Passiflora stencil to cover in some of the space around the tissue paper.  Then I started playing around with bits and pieces from my stash.  These two fabric items in particular I have loathed for some time so I wanted to put them to some use.  These flowers I ordered online years ago and when they arrived they weren’t what I expected and never used them.  This green leaf ribbon, I have a whole roll of, again, I ordered it online and then had no idea why other than it seemed like a good idea at the time – but hey I am a bit of a hoarder so what if it spent 4-5 years in a box, it’s useful now lol.
Question:  What is my plan for this project?
Answer: I have no plan other than following the brief using items and coral colours and I really want to use this frame…

build your wings coral tag for art daily cafe

This is an old Sizzix frame, quite ornate and I thought it would go well with the look of this project, so I cut two from old cardboard boxes and one from a woodgrain cardstock from Altenew, and glued them together to make it thicker and more sturdy.  Honestly this is the point where it went wrong because I was so obsessed with using this frame that I couldn’t see past it. If you look at the photo below, you will see that I glued a keyhole mould over the bottom part of the frame.  I really loved how the hole in this part of the frame and the hole in the keyhole matched up perfectly and so I wanted to use it, and off I went in totally the wrong direction lol


As this is already June 30th, I really want to get this posted ASAP, so I’m putting some of the photos here for now (more later) and will update this post with the details when I have more time.
OK so what happened in between this…

build your wings coral tag for art daily cafe

and this…

build your wings coral tag for art daily cafe

So these two photos are actually only a day apart but a world of difference I think you will agree.  Now this is not to say that I didn’t like the first example.  I did, in fact I liked it enough that I glued everything down very solidly and left it overnight to dry.  But when I looked at it the next day I was not happy with the frame.  I had been determined to use this frame and that was affecting my judgement – get the frame on the tag at any cost!!! but it was causing me problems because I had what I could see were two focal points – the frame and contents, and the butterfly which I had started to focus on when I added the metal to it.  This was causing a problem for me so I did what I had to do and I started dissecting the tag.  Given that everything had been seriously glued using 3D matte gel, this was no easy feat – in fact I had to resort to slicing through it with a craft knife!  This caused some damage to the background but I knew I could hide it with something – also had to lift the metal parts of the butterfly too.

So once the frame was removed and I could see clearly again (lol) I started to work on my butterfly as I really wanted it to be centre stage. I roughly cut around some of the butterflies from the tissue paper and then glued them to acetate.

build your wings acetate butterflyOnce that was dry, I fussy cut them and painted them.  I also edged them with the Spring Blossom metallic paint to make them stand out more from the background and to match the rose gold metal parts which btw, did I mention were made from paper clips? (Sidenote:  I bought these paperclips in a supermarket well over a year ago when everything seemed to be rose gold everywhere… and then I never used them.  Because of the coral theme of this tag, I pulled them out and was toying with the idea of gluing them onto the project somewhere just as they were but then I thought let’s see how they bend with my pliers, and surprisingly they are made of pretty good metal  – I need to see if I can find more now!)

build your wings coral tag for art daily cafeI made extra body parts for the central butterfly and then decided to use the wings that were attached to the discarded frame.  Cut them off the frame, and repainted them with the Spring Blossom paint, then glued them on to the acetate wings.  Then I used some rose gold beads from my stash to just add more interest to the butterfly body.

build your wings coral tag for art daily cafe

I moved the green ribbon around and added the paper cord.  Then added some white lace flowers and gave them brad centres, added buttons and snaps to the top flower, repainted the flowers – got rid of the purple! repositioned the sentiment stickers and called it a day!

Art Daily words you need and sentiment stickers

^^ these are awesome btw!

Finnabair white gesso,
soft matte gel,
3D gel,
crackle paste,
paper paste,
tissue paper,
Hazelnut, Spring Blossom, White Pearl Metallique Alchemy paints,
Finnabair/Prima moulds,
Modeling Material,
Art Daily Words You Need, and Sentiment Stickers,
Don’t Forget to Fly stamps
Victorian Hand clips.
I also used random things from my stash such as paper clips, beads, lace, acetate, ribbon, paper cord, hemming tape, buttons, snaps, brads and some hot glue


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