One of the four year-long courses I am doing this year is Wanderlust 2021.  I have had a bit of a slow start for various reasons and I am of course, behind in all of them haha, but when the new Week 2 lesson came out on Friday, I knew I had to do it as it was by one of my favourite teachers, Laly Mille.  I really love her style as she uses a lot of things that I love, including collage and flowers.  As this is a class lesson, there is no tutorial, just a couple of starting out photos and a lot of ending up photos.

The lesson was called a Garden of Wishes, and so with all the flowers I decided to use some flowery words as part of my collage. I’ve blurred out all my journaling because privacy.

I sorted through my collage boxes (yes plural lol) and pulled out some flowers, mostly from gardening catalogues and a really old copy of a Gardeners World magazine!  I’m really glad I pulled out this particular magazine as it has an article on winter moths that has some great pictures that I think I want to use on another project.

I stuck down all my collage bits and pieces in the same way as I usually do and started to fill in the blanks with paint.


One thing I found interesting was that I didn’t decide on my colours before hand.  I didn’t think about them at all until I started to flick through the gardening catalogues and then some of them, like this one below, just spoke to me.

OK so that’s it for beginning photos, there are no middle photos to show, so it’s on to showing how it ended up!

I’m making my own books again this year so this one is watercolour paper that I folded in half so it would already have the crease line and would make it easier to stitch into my book later rather than paint it flat and then make an ugly crease afterwards.

Here’s a closer look at one of my favourite parts of the page lol I hope the rest of the page doesn’t get jealous.  I just love how bright the pink and yellow are here in this area.
I love how vibrant the green is at the bottom.  I still have to trim off some of the collage or not, maybe I will leave it there.
All this colour makes me happy!  We have had snow here for a couple of weeks and everything has been covered in a blanket of white.  This is a welcome change.

Apologies for the shadow on this one as it was taken at night and I didn’t notice my arm was in the way!

Such a happy little garden of flowers.  I hope this riot of colour has brightened up your day!  It makes me yearn for spring and to rush out and plant lots of flower seeds in my garden.  Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!



Art Journal Journey – January ChallengeFavorite Things:  love the challenge this month and I can’t wait to see everyone’s favourite things!  This page contains two of my favourite things – collage and flowers!


My handmade journal
watercolour paper, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, gesso, neocolour II, PITT pens, collage materials, black pen, alcohol inks, book paper

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8 thoughts on “Garden of Wishes Art Journal Page

  1. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    I’m also a BIG fan of Laly Mille. Her journal pages always make me smile. I can’t believe how this turned out AFTER how it started. It looks nothing whatsoever like how you started it. It’s very different and, like you, I love to use magazine (and gardening) images. However, you changed yours so much, I would never have known them. This is another perfect entry for Erika’s theme at Art Journal Journey, too. Sorry I am so incredibly behind.

    • Empire of the Cat says:

      I know right! I was always going to throw out my gardening catalogues but something made me stop and I’m glad now that I didn’t because I’ve been using them in my journals for a while now and I’m so lucky to have them.

  2. Erika N says:

    I love how you chose a flower garden for this spread Elle. I would never have expected your final page. It came out beautiful. And a flower garden is certainly many of our favorite things. Thanks again for joining us at Art Journal Journey. Hugs-again-Erika

    • Empire of the Cat says:

      This style is totally my jam lol. It’s my first time on Wanderlust too this year and I feel like it’s off to a good start, although this is actually from week 2 and I haven’t actually done week 1 yet lol. Thanks again Erika!

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