Welcome to the Empire of the Cat

About me:  Artist, Designer, Blogger
Also kitten mama, librarian, computer geek.
Maker of cards, drinker of tea, hoarder of craft supplies and mixer of mediums.
Loves travel • nature • books • Art Journaling
I love paper, ink, paint, colour and shiny things!
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kitten mama

maker of cards ~ mixer of mediums ~ drinker of tea ~ art journalist ~ kitten mama

Hi there!

Welcome to the Empire of the Cat, where I like to share my arty adventures and kitten drama.


I am one of those people who has always been arty, though my parents might have used other words when I started drawing on the walls!  I love making things with my hands, and so I love a lot of arts and crafts (sewing, knitting, crochet, jewellery-making, cardmaking, painting, art journaling, mixed media +++), and I’m always up for learning about new ideas and new techniques.


I have kept a journal since I was pretty young, always enjoying writing, and now I guess I am a bit of a planner gal!  Yes, I love all kinds of planners, bujos, midori, anything I can scrawl in and hopefully make it look pretty.  I am also really into art journalling, and do it daily (or try to!) and sometimes combine it with regular journaling so my AJ might start to look a bit planner-y and my planner might look a bit arty lol.  I am not strictly speaking a scrapper, but I have been known to do the odd page on occasion and I do love looking at what other people create.


When I’m not doing all of that and getting myself inky, I love spending time with my crafty little monkeys (aka the kitties), friends, the family etc.  I also love reading, tinkering with websites, baking, travel and NETFLIX!!!!  Here in Scotland, we get a spot of weather from time to time, which makes things interesting, but when the weather is fair, we go to the coast or wander around some of the National Trust for Scotland properties and gardens.


Education:  BA Design, BA English Lit, Surface Pattern Design Course with Make It In Design, Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry Graduate, AECP Student

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