Welcome to The Empire of the Cat!

I have owned this domain name since 2005. It was the first name I thought of when I had to create one to use when I started my book group. This name just popped into my head. It was used for the book group address for a couple of years before I relocated the book group to another domain. Why did I do this? Well, it made sense to have a bookish name for the book group and this domain should always have been cat-related.

For the longest time I always thought that one day if I had enough money or I won the lottery I would start a luxury cat hotel or some kind of cat sanctuary or maybe both! This hotel would be deluxe, the kind of place that cats would want to go to on their holidays if they could choose, and it would have all mod cons, and every comfort – heated floors, air conditioning, the best cat trees, high quality treats etc. People spend a lot of time choosing their perfect holiday destination and then they find a local cattery to look after their cats till they return from their lavish holiday. My dream would be to offer the cats VIP treatment and luxury accommodation too, so that they too could enjoy their “staycation” to the max.

Meanwhile, the EOTC remains dedicated to and devoted to cats, especially my beautiful cats, cat related products and information.