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Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my Art Journaling page (or Art Journalling page if you are outside of North America) though honestly that word is starting to look weird to me with two LLs so I’m sticking to journaling with one L for now.

As I mentioned elsewhere, this blog started way back in 2005, and has changed a LOT over the years, so a lot of posts are currently switched off, while I update them.  As they are updated, re-ordered, re-categorised etc, they will be switched back on (some of them are really terrible and will never see the light of day again lol).

Journaling is something I have always done for as long as I can remember – I can still remember my first diary with one of those really quite useless locks with a little key that would keep no one out haha. My journaling has changed over the years, discovering bullet journaling, and very decorative bullet journaling, and then on to full-on Art Journaling a few years ago.

I think art journaling changed my life really and it’s my primary art form, if you can call it that.  I love that it doesn’t matter if it is good, bad, messy, clean etc.  I can anything I feel like, all mediums, ink, paint, pencils, crayons, stencils, stickers, stamps, paper, any mediums, random things I find around the house, recycled stuff, it doesn’t matter.  And most of all, you can do whatever you feel like and no one ever has to see it but you (unless you want them to of course). Sometimes I journal when I’m happy, sometimes when I’m sad and the whole gamut of emotions in between.I often use it to get things off my chest and then cover them up with paint or collage so it’s a cathartic experience as well as a creative one.

So meantime, while I am “beautifying” some of my older posts, you can see some of my Art Journaling posts below, or from the links on the front page.

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