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Thanks for visiting my Mixed Media page and checking out some of my projects. Welcome!

As I mentioned elsewhere, this blog started way back in 2005, and has changed a LOT of the years, so a lot of posts are currently switched off, while I update them.  As they are updated, re-ordered, re-categorised, photos resized etc, they will be switched back on (some of them are really terrible and will never see the light of day again lol).

I  love love love Mixed Media, and it’s such a broad category of art too, with so many different styles, there is truly something for everyone.  Tim Holtz of course is the Godfather of Mixed Media lol, and I have been a huge fan for many years.  I love his aesthetic and his range of products and of course the Vintage and Steampunk style.  I am also a Creative Chemistry Student and Graduate.  I also love Finnabair’s art and aesthetic also, and she has an amazing range of products with Prima Marketing that bring so many new opportunities for Mixed Media.

I believe the technical definition of Mixed Media is using more than two different mediums on a project, which really could make your stamped and die cut cards mixed media projects lol but it is more usually applied to projects with many mediums.  This could be stamps, dies, stencils, inks, paints, moulds, chipboard, MDF, natural elements, paper, fabric, metal, found items, cardboard – you get the idea.  With all the available gessos and art mediums available, anything can be turned into a element to be used in your art.

So meantime, while I am “beautifying” some of my older posts, you can see some of my Mixed Media posts below, or from the links on the front page.

tattered florals diecut flowers
old wallpaper for bg texture
moulded and painted steampunk elements

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