Welcome to the current work in progress

I never used to share anything until I was 100% finished with it, then I would upload all the photos and write the blog posts.  If this is a quick project like a card, then that is pretty quick and easy.

However, if it is a longer/bigger/more time-consuming project like some of my mixed media and art journalling projects then that can take quite a bit of time to edit and upload all the photos and write longer, more informative posts.

So I have decided that to make it easily on myself schedule-wise and also to make things more interesting, I will start uploading new projects as WIP (work in progress) and add to them until they are complete.

While they are WIP they will be displayed on this page and then when I finish them they will lose the WIP status and move off this page.

You will always be able to find all the blog posts by clicking on the blog link at the top of the page, but if you like to check out WIP projects, then you will find them here.

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