T Stands for Year of the Rabbit Stamps, Currently Reading and Green Juice

Happy Tuesday Friends! Well after last week’s long and exciting post, here’s one that is short and sweet and probably a bit boring. Today’s Art . . . Today’s art is this Year of the Rabbit stamp sheet.  The Royal Mail have produced one of these A4 Collector Sheets every year for the last 12 […]

T Stands for Year of the Rabbit, Burns Night, Australia Day, Yoga With Kittens, and #JunkJournalJanuary

Happy Tuesday Friends! I was inadvertently offline for most of last week, well not really inadvertently, I just had a break that was longer than planned – consequently I only just got last week’s commenting done yesterday and approved all the comments that were left on my blog last week.  I don’t really have a […]

T Stands for #JunkJournalJanuary Catch-up, Challenge Win, And Elderberry Tonic

Happy Tuesday Friends! I found out last week that I won the December challenge on Country View Challenges which came with a £20 voucher from the shop. I will have to do some thinking about what to spend it on but it was a nice surprise.  Our weather has turned from wet and windy to […]

T Stands for #JunkJournalJanuary Day 10, Currently Reading, Post-Christmas Shopping & Hot Chocolate

Happy Tuesday Friends! All the Christmas decor is down and it feels so boring without all the lights etc.  I didn’t have much as there was no tree, but I do miss the lights and I might replace them with some different lights especially with these cold, dark nights.  So far this year I have […]

T Stands for Happy New Year, Gifts, Other People’s Art, Currently Reading and Bird Flu

Happy New Year 2023 Friends! It still feels a little like Christmas as our lights and decorations always stay up till Twelfth Night, ie January 5th, so I can enjoy the lights a little longer,even though a lot of people have already taken theirs down.  I am a little late in getting started today because […]

T Stands For #Dephemerember 6 & 14, Christmas, and 52 Weeks of Tea

Happy Everything Friends! At the end of the year I always like to reflect on the year that’s been, and one of the things I wanted to acknowledge is my T friends.  At the beginning of the year I was thinking of ways to make myself more accountable and one of the things I thought […]

T Stands For December Journalling, Frosty Garden and Sick Kitties

Hi Friends, Hello again from a much warmer Scotland this week.  We are back to the usual wind and rain weather and the temperature is nearly 20 degrees (C) warmer than it was last week, hard to fathom when it is still only 11C haha.  Last week was brutal, I really can’t handle the cold […]

T Stands For Art Journal Advent, Care December, Dephemerember and Murder on the Christmas Express!

Hi Friends, Hello again from an even more chilly Scotland than last week!  We’ve had some very low temperatures now, I thought last week that the -3C we had was bad, but today was -6C actually worse, -7C.  Here’s the sunrise from Monday morning with a nice full moon in the centre, view from the […]

T Stands For Currently Reading, Miss Lily Update, Christmas Cards, Happy Mail And -3C Weather

Hi Friends, Hello from very chilly Scotland!  It is currently -3C outside and very frosty and about -7C inside the house (I have no heating).  My lovely aunt passed away recently and her funeral was on Friday.  We will all miss her very much, but my cousins will miss her so much more, it is […]

T Stands For Be Passionately Curious – Queen of Cats

Hi Friends, It’s a short post today as Miss Lily is still not well and we have to go back to the vets yet again today for further treatment/investigation. It’s so worrying, and I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything.  Since I have been taking care of her I have not felt much […]

T Stands For Christmas, Garden Update, And Currently Reading

Hi Friends, I’m so sorry if I didn’t get around to visiting everyone last week, the kitties are sick again which came out of the blue and the week has been taken up with dealing with that and a few other things. I was in the same shop at the weekend as I was last […]

T Stands For Scottish Porridge Oats

Hi Friends, Happy Tuesday!  They were playing Christmas music in the shops last week and I thought – nooooo it’s way too soon – and then I managed to knock over a whole stand of knee high Santas with my bag and had to spend 10 mins setting them up again as as soon as […]

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