Your Whole Life Shows In Your Face – More Than Words November Main Challenge

Hello friends, and Happy November! Since it is the first of the month, I am [...]

Second On The Second – Image Resist Using Magazines (2019)

Hello friends! August was a busy month, not least because I had a daily challenge [...]

They Come To Gaze At The Tree

Hello friends, and Happy Sunday! The weather is changeable, but is definitely colder, and the [...]

The Cat Sat On Andy Warhol’s Mat

Hello everyone, This will be a short post as I am not in a great [...]

Kitty Says Meow

Hello everyone, we are getting really close to the end of the month now but [...]

Monoprinting Days 6 – Letters 2 – Gel Prints for the #MarchPrintingChallenge

Hi everyone, I had to split the Letters post into two posts as I think [...]

Monoprinting Days 6 – Letters 1- Gel Prints for the #MarchPrintingChallenge

Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely Sunday.  Today I am sharing some of [...]

Monoprinting Days 1-5 Gel Prints for the #MarchPrintingChallenge

Happy Saturday!  Hope you have a craft day.  Today I am sharing some of the [...]

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