Hand Printed Gift Wrap And Gift Tags For Christmas Or Any Occasion

Hello friends, Happy Saturday!  What do you have planned for the weekend?  I will be [...]

Project Green Crochet Socks Completed – Day 26 of Blog Along with Effy

Hello everyone!  Here’s some good news – I finished my green socks!  Actually I finished [...]

Happy Tartan Day – Blog Along With Effy Day 6

Hello friends It’s now the Tuesday after Easter which in some places is now being [...]

A Short Family History of Scones – Blog Along With Effy Day 5

Hello friends Today is Easter Monday and another public holiday so I decided to do [...]

The Green Crochet Socks Saga {Progress Report} – Blog Along With Effy Day 4

Hello friends Today is Day 4 of the Blog Along and I thought I’d share [...]

Something old… handmade sewing kit

I used to have one of those plastic sewing toolboxes from Myers, well I say [...]

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