Toujours Paris Toujours

Hello everyone, and happy Sunday!  Today I am sharing my final page for the language [...]

Crochet Is Magic

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday!  We are getting really close to the end of the [...]

Kitty Says Meow

Hello everyone, we are getting really close to the end of the month now but [...]

Improbable, Beautiful, And Afraid of Nothing

Hello everyone, Tuesday has gone and we are one day closer to the weekend which [...]

You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday!  Today I have a cute kitty page to share with you [...]

The Language of Flowers – A Garden

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  Hope you had a good week and have something fun planned [...]

I’ve Got A Golden Ticket

Hello everyone!  Today I have something to share that was unplanned.  I woke up thinking [...]

The Language of… Computers

Hi friends!   Hope your Wednesday has been good.  I have been up since stupid o’clock [...]

Na Fir Chlis – The Nimble Men

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday!  Today I  have two pages to share with you as part [...]

The Many Languages of Amazon Prime

Hello everyone, TGIF! Hope your week has been good and that you have something good [...]

The Language of Tea

Hello everyone, hope your Tuesday has been a good one!  Mine has been OK but [...]

The Language of 19th Century Fiction {Jane Eyre}

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good weekend.  I mentioned in my last post [...]

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