Be A Rainbow In Someone Else’s Cloud

Hello friends, Hope your week has been OK so far.  We have been to the [...]

The Winter Hare

Hello friends, Thank goodness it’s Friday, it’s been a cold week and we continue to [...]

Coffee And Snow In Edinburgh

Hello friends, and Happy Tuesday! I was just letting Miss P out this morning and [...]

Adore Trio of ATCs

Hi everyone, since love and romance is in the air this month (because it’s February [...]

Merry Kittymas! And Some Last Minute Gift Wrap

Merry Kittymas everyone from me and the kitties! This is a Christmas Kittymas card I [...]

The Meaning Of… Christmas Vacation

Oh how I am looking forward to next week so that I can enjoy exactly [...]

The Moon Looks Upon Many Night Flowers; The Night Flowers See But One Moon

Hi everyone, hope your day is going well and the weather is being kind to [...]

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