Second On The Second – Kaleidoscope Taster Sessions 2020

Hello friends! Hope you are having a lovely Saturday and for those in the US, a lovely long weekend for 4th July!  Schools broke up for summer holidays last week and so naturally it’s raining non-stop lol.  Today I have a Second on the Second post, which is something that is so easy to do […]

Seed of Life Painting and Sacred Geometry

Morning friends!  Today I have my first GSL DT post for May and this time, it’s this A4 page in bright watercolour. Introduction The pattern is generally based on what is called the seed of life. The Seed of Life is a more modern name for an ancient geometric figure, often referred to as sacred […]

Time Out For Some Watercoloured ATC Book Covers

Hello again, I hope your weekend has been good to you.  We are all getting better here so I have had some time this weekend to catch up on some art which was not possible never mind a priority when the cats were poorly and my house was sectioned into quarantine zones! Anyway, looks like […]

Carpe Noctem Canvas

Morning friends!  Today I have another GSL DT post and this time, it’s this 12 x 12 inch mixed media canvas painted in metallic watercolour.  Read on to see how it was created and other options for the finished canvas.  There’s a full moon at the moment so it seemed like a good time to […]

Retro 3D Glitter (everywhere) Christmas Decoration

Hi Festive Friends!  Not long now but still time to sneak in another holiday themed post and this time it is a very glittery (and so now is my house!) Christmas ornament made from glitter cardstock and a few bits and pieces I had lying around. It’s actually not made for the tree, it’s too […]

Look At The Stars, See How They Shine For You

Hi Festive Friends!  Not long now but still time to sneak in another holiday themed post!  This is another gift i made for two of my animal loving friends – I even had to attempt to draw a dog! There’s a bit of a story attached to this one as I had been looking at […]

Winter Fairy Christmas Cards and Stash Busting Gift Making

Happy Monday, happy Cyber Monday and last day of November!  Today was the day that I was supposed to be posting my overseas gifts but I wasn’t able to do it even although I got everything finished in time, so it will have to be a trip to the post office tomorrow instead. Here’s a […]

Art Bundle For Good 5

Well I did it!  I purchased the Art Bundles for Good 5 package tonight.   I’ve been reading through all the classes included in the bundle and it’s such a great deal even if you don’t manage to get through even close to the 108 (actually 112 now) classes!  I can barely keep up with the […]

World Watercolor Month 2020 – 31 Watercolours in 31 Days!

Hi everyone, As I mentioned yesterday, July is officially World Watercolor Month!  What could be better than spending some lovely summer days painting beautiful watercolours with amazing paints! There is an official list of prompts which are displayed below, you can follow them or totally do your own thing.  I am doing a combination, just […]

My Kaleidoscope Taster Week Results – What I Did In A Week {Hint: a lot of painting}

Hi everyone, So as you know I have been working my way through Wellspring 2020 and as I mentioned in this post, I also started the Kaleidoscope Taster class by Tamara Laporte (Willowing) to see if I might like the full course which starts in August.  Here’s the first painting I started working on based […]

I Love My Blunnies – AJ Page Celebrating Blundstone Boots and All Things Aussie

Hello everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and getting your craft on during this surreal lockdown time. So today, I have a new spread for my art journal to share with you, which I made for one of the June challenges that I had wasn’t planning to enter. This is the mood board […]

The Owl and the Pussycat Went to Sea – AJ Page

Hello everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and getting your craft on during this surreal lockdown time.  I hope to get back into normal posting again soon, both here and on socials, but I am still not 100% so I am taking it easy and find myself doing more art journalling than anything […]

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