Home Is Where The Cats Are – More Than Words March Challenge

Hello friends, Happy March! Since it is the very first day of the month, I [...]

Green Things Were Greener, The Blue Sky Bluer – Wanderlust Week 2

Hi Friends! As you know, I’ve been trying to catch up with Wanderlust 2023, and [...]

May the Festive Season Sparkle and Shine – More Than Words December Main Challenge

Hello friends, and Happy December! Since it is the first of the month, I am [...]

A Week Of Faces For Friday Face-Off

Hello friends, and TGIF! Today has sucked quite frankly.  Things are not so hot in [...]

Coffee And Snow In Edinburgh

Hello friends, and Happy Tuesday! I was just letting Miss P out this morning and [...]

Miss Lily And The Halloween Cat

Hello friends, Happy Saturday!  Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend, something arty [...]

Who Can Believe There Is No Soul Behind Those Luminous Eyes

Hello friends and welcome to another May project!  So today marks the start of the [...]

Luminous Cat Eyes – Tabby Cat Pastel Practice

Today it felt like it was that Monday in January that they call Blue Monday, [...]

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