Day 2 Masking.  This month on Instagram Birgit Koopsen (@birgit_koopsen) is holding a Gel Printing Challenge with fun daily prompts to make you get more out of your gel plate –  and there are giveaways from both Birgit and @gelliarts.  I love my gel plate and I don’t use it enough so I decided to join in.  Here are the prompts and the links if you want to join in too.  This image is from Birgit’s instagram page and IG has cut off her name from the bottom. so to see the photo and read about the challenge, click here.

Day Two – Masking

I did this one straight after the Day One prompt so my plate still had some blue leftovers on it, but I like that effect – it all adds to the flavour lol.  I used a mask from my stash, honestly I don’t know why it’s called a mask and not a stencil as it seems to do the same thing but anyway, it is a mask – it says so on the packaging!  I started by adding some purples on to my plate.  I used Blackberry by Dina Wakley Media, and a lighter purple and a pink from Jane Davenport, which like the blue of yesterday, have no names on the tubes!  I followed my standard process of covering the plate with paint, then adding the stencil – in this case, the mask – then taking the first print, then taking a print from the stencil, then taking one from the plate after the stencil was removed.  I was running a bit behind and I really wanted simple, rather than do anything fancy.  What I really like about this, is the leftover paints blending together, which you can see at the bottom left of the photo, where those blues are mixing in with the pinks and purples to make more purples!

Gel Plate
Pawprint Mask
Acrylic Paints – pink and purples from Dina Wakley and Jane Davenport
Assorted papers and card to pull prints

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