Hi, how are you today and how’s your week been?  I hope you are having a great weekend!  We are back in a mini lockdown due to school holidays and the usual problems, but I’m hiding in my studio and trying not to think about it.

To that end, I have a few things to share with you that were nice surprises this week (and one top secret one that I can’t tell you about yet).

First off, nice to start off the week with a surprise Top 3 from the Funkie Junkie Background Challenge for this art journal page.  If you read the original post it tells you how this came about, very rushed and last minute and using what was at hand.  What was good about that is that it stopped me thinking too much and look what happened!  I should try that more often lol.

Secondly, another Top 3 challenge win!  This time from A Vintage Journey Cogs, Gears and Textures Challenge for this seahorse tag.  This was very much a labour of love trying to save my little broken seahorse and put him on the tag with his friend.  Click the link to the post to see the process and full photos.

And then I have some info about a new Challenge coming soon, for which I am happy to be one of the Design Team members!  This challenge will be coming to you on December 1st and will be all about making, well, Mini Marvellous Masterpieces!  I’m looking forward to this as I was just saying to someone recently that everything that I do is huge as I never feel like I have enough space – so big art journal pages, big A5 cards etc.  Then I started working in a smaller journal that I made myself and started to really enjoy it and had plenty of space, so this came at the right time for me.  Another consideration is SAVING MONEY on art and craft supplies by making smaller projects AND saving storage space in the house!  I don’t sell my projects so if you are someone who makes a lot, that volume starts to pile up fast!

What else have I been doing with my time?  For a few weeks now I have been designing a website for a friend.  This is quite a big job and it’s super secret so I can’t say more atm but it is really exciting and arty and I will absolutely be telling you all about it when it’s ready to launch!

Other things I can’t talk about yet, is that I was recently invited to be a guest host on another site, and I am super excited about that too and will have to put my thinking cap on!

As always, thanks for reading.  Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂


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