This week I’ve mostly been working on e-reader covers for the forthcoming Wigtown Book Festival which starts on Friday 27th September, though I won’t be there until Wednesday 2nd October.

Mum and I will be in the Kist Marquee which is Festival Venue #7 and is listed under the food and drink page on the Festival website, though it will also have arts and crafts as well as local food and drink and of course, me!

Anyway, on to the e-Readers!  It’s a book festival, and I’m a librarian so what else would I want to make than book bags and e-Reader sleeves of course!  Don’t worry if you don’t have an e-Reader as I will also have some of my regular handbags and other accessories there but I wanted to especially focus on the book stuff for this event, plus it’s getting closer to Christmas and these would make great Christmas presents!

Here’s a few examples of what is being made:

These are the sleeves which come in four different sizes for ipad, kindle fire, kindle paperwhite and kindle 6″.  These are just two of the fabric choices available.

Then we also have two other designs that are not sleeves but more of a book or stand design which look like this:

The one on the left is suitable for Kindle Fire or ipad mini and can be used in portrait or landscape mode and would be great for watching videos.  The one on the right is for regular Kindles and closes like a book when not in use. All the sleeves and covers have additional pockets for storage of small things like, say, the USB cable.

So I need to get back to making more for the Book Festival and hope that the rest of my labels arrive in time as I seem to have run short due to all the stuff I’ve been making lately.

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