Hello and hope you are having a good week!  Today I am sharing a project that I made as DT inspiration for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts to display my favourite ATCs and art cards. This is a great little display piece that you can keep on your desk or on a shelf to display your favourite, current favourite or latest ATC.

I’m using this cute little ATC Shrine chipboard set BD12F.

I’m also going to use this stencil for the outside decoration but I wanted to check first that the design wasn’t too big for the size of the shrine.

I painted one side with Titanium White acrylic.  I could have used gesso but the paint was already on the palette leftover from another project so I wanted to use it up.

After the white paint was dry I used this gorgeous iridescent turquoise paint to paint what will be the inside.

Then I had to add some gold splatters for decoration!

Once that side was dry, I painted the other side in black acrylic.

I gave it two coats to make sure it was well covered and not streaky.

Then it was time for the fun part!  I used this gold icing paste with a palette knife to apply through my stencil, making sure to align the top of the shrine with the top of the stencil.  If you don’t have this particular product you could use any texture paste mixed with a colour or any gold paint if you don’t want texture.

I really love how this looks on the black paint!  I put the two side pieces together so that the design would be the same (mostly) on both sides once it was assembled.

I applied the gold paste to all of the pieces even on the bottom piece which really won’t be seen when it is displayed.

Then it was time to glue all the pieces together and assemble the shrine.  I started with the bottom piece, then added the sides because the side pieces have little slots that connect to the bottom piece, so it’s easier to put together if you do it in this order.  Then finally add the top piece and the shrine is complete.

Do some final touch ups with black paint to all the areas where the pieces were glued together.

Here’s a close up of the raised stencil design.

The ATCs you can see in this photo are mine from the Steampunk ATC challenge.

The ATCs in these photos are not created by me.  They are art cards from Effy Wild included as a download in one of her courses.  I use mine for inspiration and as affirmation cards.


I hope you enjoyed my little ATC Shrine project.  Thanks for making it all the way to the end. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Project Recipe:

ATC Shrine with feet BD12F
acrylic paint – white, black, iridescent turquoise, gold
Gold icing paste/texture paste
PVA glue
From Stash:

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