Happy Everything Friends!

At the end of the year I always like to reflect on the year that’s been, and one of the things I wanted to acknowledge is my T friends.  At the beginning of the year I was thinking of ways to make myself more accountable and one of the things I thought would help was to try and join the T Gang more regularly than I have managed in the past, and I’m very happy to say that I have managed to join you all every Tuesday in 2022!  It’s been so much fun and I’ve really enjoyed the weekly catch-up with all of you.  Here’s to more T in 2023!  In today’s post, you’ll find several T related photos, dotted throughout the post, four in total!

I snapped this photo last week in the supermarket.  Some of the supermarkets have a post box, not that that anyone was collecting the mail but I did use it to post my cards.  I thought this was really cute that the Knit and Natter group had made something to decorate the post box for Christmas, like a Nativity hat.  Due to the postal strikes, most of what I posted hasn’t been received yet and I have received very few cards so far.  I did receive a lovely card from Jo, but I thought I’d wait till next week to share the cards and presents, hoping that more cards might finally arrive.  Because of the strikes on 23rd and 24th, then Christmas holidays, we haven’t had any mail for five days, so maybe tomorrow will be a bumper mail day!

Today’s Art . . .

I am trying to do finish up Art Journal Advent, Care December, and Dephemerember preferably before the end of December.  If you want to see what I’ve been up to this month, just look in the slider below for the Care December journal pages.  Meanwhile here are two pages from Dephemerember (making junk journal ephemera in December) and since I’m behind, I’m doing the pages randomly and not in any order.  So this is from Day 6 – Feathers/Bingo Card and Elephant and Day 14 – Pattern/Matchbox and Peacock.

On the Elephant page, I made a belly band so that I can tuck the journal card behind it and on the peacock page, a big pocket at the bottom.

If you haven’t heard of this I would encourage you to check it out, the hosts are a lot of fun, and they have daily videos on Youtube where you can watch them making their ephemera for their own journals.  Look for @49dragonflies and @luiseheinzl on Youtube.  There are also free printables available from both of them.  It’s a lot of fun even if you don’t make anything, the videos are worth watching.

Most of the little elements on these pages are stamped using Gwen Lafleur stamps from Paperartsy, she has a really eclectic collection that has been very useful in this challenge. On these pages, the elephant, peacocks, bingo cards, peacock feathers, hamsa hand etc)

For my matchbook, I used a little washi tape box that had contained some peacock feather tape, and folded it into the right shape to make the matchbook.  Then filled it with pattern paper swatches for the pattern element of the prompt.

T Stands for Christmas and Kitties

First the good news about the kitties, both Miss Lily and her brother Mr G are both doing much better.  This photo is from last week’s T post but since it’s festive…

Since they have perked up a bit, they were able to enjoy their Christmas presents along with Miss P (though separately since they don’t get along).  Miss Lily got the feather wand, Mr G got the dried chicken treats and Miss P got the chicken cat soup, which is her favourite.  I’m pretty sure Miss Lily will let the others play with her toy but those two will be less keen on sharing their food lol.

They also each got a Christmas stocking…
Mr G likes the stocking treats, but so far the other two do not, and no one likes the catnip mice that were included.

What is less good, is that we can’t put up a Christmas tree this year, real or fake, in case the cats try to eat it, as pine needles can be quite dangerous if swallowed, and I’ve had enough problems with them lately without giving them more opportunities to get ill.  The vet recommended against the tree, so we put up these wooden trees instead.  In case you’re wondering why there’s a Buddha on the sofa, it’s because it usually sits where the tree is now sitting.

I did some stamping for my wrapping paper this year using the Tim Holtz Christmas Snarky Cats stamps on brown paper.
And also on the gift tags.

Nothing says Christmas like mince pies!
Christmas dinner…
And I got some lovely tea for Christmas.  So far I’ve been enjoying the Winter Warmer and the Night Time Berry.

T Stands for Currently Reading . . .

Blood Trail: A Yorkshire Murder Mystery (DCI Harry Grimm Crime Thrillers 10)

I’m working my way through this series and am currently reading/listening to book 10.  It’s a police procedural based in and around Wesleydale, in Yorkshire. They are quite humorous, an antidote to the crime details, and everyone is obsessed with food lol.  It makes me very hungry while I’m reading as they are forever stopping for a brew (cup of tea) or bacon butties, pie or some cake and cheese.  This book also happens to be my 100th book for the year, though I am hoping to finish this series before the end of the year, so there could be time to squeeze in a few more before the 31st.

2022 BOOKS SO FAR – 99

So far in December I finished 25 books, most in audio format, and a few were Christmas books, which I have noted in bold in case you’re looking for something festive.

75. Lucy Foley – The Hunting Party
76. Jenny Colgan – The Christmas Bookshop *
77. TF Muir – Dead Find – DI Gilchrist #11
78. Ragnar Jonasson – Snow Blind – Dark Iceland #1
79. Ragnar Jonasson – Night Blind – Dark Iceland #2
80. TF Muir – A Christmas Tail – DCI Gilchrist #4.5 *
81. Ngaio Marsh – Tied Up In Tinsel – Roderick Alleyn #27 *
82. Olivia Kiernan – Too Close to Breathe – Frankie Sheehan #1
83. Alexandra Benedict – Murder on the Christmas Express *
84. Lucy Foley – The Guest List
85. Olivia Kiernan – The Killer in Me – Frankie Sheehan #2
86. Olivia Kiernan – If Looks Could Kill – Frankie Sheehan #3

87. Olivia Kiernan – The Murder Box – Frankie Sheehan #4
88. Ragnar Jonasson – Blackout – Dark Iceland #3
89. MC Beaton – Death of a Gossip – Hamish McBeth #1
90. Ragnar Jonasson – Rupture – Dark Iceland #4
91. David J Gatward – Grimm Up North DCI Harry Grimm #1
92. David J Gatward – Best Served Cold DCI Harry Grimm #2
93. David J Gatward – Corpse Road DCI Harry Grimm #3
94. David J Gatward – Shooting Season – DCI Harry Grimm #4
95. David J Gatward – Restless Dead – DCI Harry Grimm #5
96. David J Gatward – Death’s Requiem – DCI Harry Grimm #6
97. David J Gatward – Blood Sport – DCI Harry Grimm #7
98. David J Gatward – Cold Sanctuary- DCI Harry Grimm #8
99. David J Gatward – One Bad Turn- DCI Harry Grimm #9

T Stands for Winter Garden

Our weather has changed again and it’s very wet, but that means it’s a bit warmer than it was when everything was frozen solid.  Yesterday though we had rain, wind, hail, and then snow, so quite changeable.  I thought I’d share a few more frosty garden photos taken as the same time as last week’s photos.

This is the bamboo that grows next to the pond, though the pond is hidden under all that frost and ice.

Oh and my Christmas cactus is in flower…

Hope you are having a lovely rest of December whatever you celebrate or not.  Happy T Day, thanks to Elizabeth for hosting this event all year, and see you next Tuesday!  Let me know what you think in the comments.   As always, thanks for reading!


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Jo - Let's Art Journal
December 29, 2022 5:53 pm

So pleased to hear that your kitty cats are on the mend and I bet they enjoyed their Christmas treats ??. So pleased that you were able to join T Day this year, it’s lovely to chat and catch up. The frost photos look amazing so so cold, luckily it seems to have warmed up a bit here the last few days. Enjoy your books and sending you happy T Day wishes! Hugs Jo x

Kate Yetter
December 28, 2022 7:21 pm

Your Christmas cactus looks lovely. I can never get mine to bloom but it is somehow still alive.
I am loving your advent art journal. It has so many pretty embellishments!
Again, I am amazed at how many books you listen to in a week.
Happy Belated Tea Day,

December 28, 2022 3:48 pm

Too bad that cats and Christmas trees don’t mix! I’m impressed that you found so many presents for them, I hope they are showing some gratitude (if a cat can do that).

best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Iris Flavia
December 28, 2022 1:12 pm

I am sorry for being late (slept in like “a dead man” – but weeee, I love your post-title!!!!
And to Everything (and thank you for your kind, understanding comment, too).

Oh, lucky you. Try to find such a box here. It makes no sense. I know of one. Three steps from our little post office. What nonesense.
Strikes in post for Christmas. As great as Lufthansa not flying in summer-holidays. I understand the need to protest and make a point, but it ends up at us little people (and does not change much for them).

Your art is wonderful! I am too tired for anything these days (bet on the way up!!!).

Oh Lily and Mr G are soooo cute! And the stocking. I think that is what Ingo fears I will do when I get cats 😉
Don´t eat the Christmas tree, I once want to say that!
We only have a music-“box”-tree.
The Buddha looks comphy.

Oh, wonderful. Now I crave green beans.
No mince pies, though.
We were in Perth and I misunderstood, expecting minced meat. Guess I … my brain nearly puked upon the sweet flavor.

pukka-galore – you did it, yay!

Oh. Too tired to read here.
Brr. It has warmed up here! -9C was the coldest. Now +9C. Crazy.
Belated Happy T-day and Hugs!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
December 28, 2022 6:19 am

I apologize that I am late visiting. I can’t get my blog POST to load, but I got my blog to load once and now I am afraid to refresh it in case I won’t be able to see it at all. Please be aware I am truly honored and sincerely delighted you shared your four drink references (two cat mum mugs, one dark drink, maybe coffee, and the boxed teas) with Bleubeard and me for T this Tuesday. I am so grateful for your friendship and fellowship over a drink. Thank you for joining us for T today.

A wooden tree is better than nothing if your cats are climbers. my two are not. I hope to catch up on your journal pages next, dear.

Bleubeard, Squiggles, and I also want to wish you a very happy holiday and a safe, healthy, joyous 2023.

Peppylady (Dora)
December 28, 2022 4:31 am

Looks like a lovely December.
Coffee is on and stay safe

December 27, 2022 11:48 pm

Elle i have enjoyed having you for T all year too and look forward to next year.. I’m sorry to be so late for T day! I hope you’ll find time to come visit.. Always love seeing your kitties and your Art Journal pages.. You remind me i need to get back to my bee book.. Always so many pans in the fire… Wow! I used to read alot.. This last year i seem to have fallen off the wagon.. I haven’t had a book really GRAB me in a while.. Currently i’am reading Legend by David Lynn Goleman.. jut at the beginnings of it.. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

Nancy W
December 27, 2022 11:41 pm

Elle, wow, you sure read a lot of books! I am adding a few of yours to my list of books to read. Your icy pictures are super pretty – hope you are staying warm and the kitties are feeling better.

Your junk journal is amazing – so much to look at and all sooo cool. I need to try this one day….

My Mom made mince pies – I sure wish I had one.

Happy T-day and Happy New Year.


December 27, 2022 10:28 pm

Wat beautiful frost photos!
I enjoyed your book list. I have read a lot this year but I didn’t count the books so I have no idea. I don’t think I’d get to a hundred. I usually take a week to read a book and less now I am not at home.
I found the four drinks references: a coffee, two cat-mum mugs and a collection of Pukka teas.
Your journal is beautiful!
My Christmas cactus is flowering too but I’m not at home to enjoy it! (bummer!)
I’m sorry to be late but happy T-Day and a happy New Year!,

December 27, 2022 7:22 pm

Hi Elle, I really enjoyed reading your post, and all the photos too-awesome frosty outdoor photos. Glad to read your kitties are feeling better-so sweet they got stocking gifts too. I recently bought a tea by this company you were gifted-I really like it.
Hoping your mail comes through soon-what allot of mail for them to sort out too
Your foods look delicious too. my Grandma would make mince pies Happy T

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