Junk Journal July Day 2 – Reinvent

Hello friends, and happy Sunday! I’m working on a few things as well as rearranging the studio to give me more space – so far all that has resulted in is more space for cats to lounge around on doing nothing lol.  Anyway, here is my Day 2 page for Junk Journal July where the […]

Junk Journal July Day 1 – Begin

Hello friends, and Saturday! I might have a problem this month as I’ve committed to a LOT of stuff but we’ll just keep plugging away and see what sticks.  Yesterday saw the start of Junk Journal July on Instagram something I really wanted to participate in because I have a lot of stuff to use […]

T Stands For Zonked Out Kitties, Giant Poppies, MTW 150, And Granola!

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a great day that turns into a great week!  It’s been beautiful weather here plus we had a long weekend for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, so we’ve had a four day break to enjoy it.  I have a lot of things to get to in this […]

T Stands For Journal Flip, Kitty Update And A New Mug

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday a little later than usual! Hope you are having a great day that turns into a great week!  I’m happy to report that Miss Lily, is feeling a lot better.  Whatever that was, we don’t know, but the vet seemed to think it was some kind of infection due to […]

T Stands For The Ides Of March, Birthday Cake, Frog Watch, And DIY

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday and Happy Ides of March! Hope you are all well and enjoying your Tuesday.  Today is my birthday and to celebrate I have some gifts to share with you which I will talk about later in the post. I haven’t opened any of my presents yet but two of them […]

T Stands For Tweed Calendar, Frogspawn, Kitty Updates And More

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday! Hope you are all well and enjoying your Tuesday.  I am so glad to see the back of all that stormy weather, now all we have to cope with is the freezing temperatures at night – during the day it is sunny and almost like Spring but don’t be fooled, […]

T Stands For The One I Didn’t Post Last Week Plus Kitty Updates

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday! We have been hibernating as we have been battered by not one, not two but THREE storms one after the other.  They all have names too, but to me it has just felt like one long continuous storm, and my roof is leaking on top of everything else!  It would […]

T Stands For Decluttering, Donations, And Disco Cat Toilet

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday! It has been another cold, busy and slightly frustrating week but read on because I also have cat photos!  Let’s start off with one of Mr G in his bed, he’s a little blurry and wasn’t in the mood for photos.  He is doing a lot better but I still […]

T Stands For Burns Night, A Surprise Prize, Home And Enough Space

Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday and Happy Burns Night! If I was a Haggis lover I would be tucking into some Haggis, Neeps (turnip) and tatties (potatoes) tonight but instead I am eating toast since I have no time to cook anything today, but either way I would not be choosing Haggis even if I did […]

T Stands For Home, Space And Enough

Hello Friends! Hope your week is going well and you have recovered from Blue Monday if you felt affected by that yesterday.  Here not much has changed, my foot problems continue and on top of that Mr G has not been at all well and has been back at the vet.  The vet is pretty […]

T Stands For Art Journal Advent & Carve December, Fruits Of The Florist And Challenge Wins!

Hello friends, and Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a creative week.  Our heating broke down again so it’s a bit chilly here inside and out lol.  I have joined in a couple of Instagram challenges this month, one is an Art Journal Advent challenge and the other is a stamp carving challenge.  So today […]

Art Journal Advent & Carve December – Day 6 Page And Stamp – They Come To Gaze At The Heart

Hello friends, and Happy Monday! Here’s to a great new creative week!  I have to double my posts today despite saying I wasn’t going to, but then I will have caught up with the days.  Here comes the first of today’s art… today’s art . . . Today’s art is my Day 6 page for Art […]

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